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How can I make a department visible to agents only? - 지식 베이스 / Using Deskpro - Deskpro Support

How can I make a department visible to agents only?

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I want to make a department that is only visible to agents and that users never see. Does Deskpro support this?


This can be done with the use of User Groups. To make a department visible to agents only, go to Admin > Tickets > Departments, select the department, and on its Permissions tab remove all user group permissions.

For example, here's an agents-only department called "Investigations".



This will stop users seeing this department when they create or edit a ticket on the portal.

However, if an agent assigned a user's ticket to a hidden department, the user could still see it from the portal.



To prevent this happening, go to Tickets > Departments and enable Show a different title to end-users, then enter an alternative name to be displayed to users.


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