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We've updated our Help Center to give you a preview of it's new design! - Novità / News - Deskpro Support

nov 7 2019

We've updated our Help Center to give you a preview of it's new design!

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You've likely noticed that the look of our Help Center has changed. We have been working hard on an updated design for the Help Center and we are gearing up to make these changes available to you soon. We have deployed the new version to our Help Center ahead of then so we can make sure everything is looking and working as expected before we release this update.

What changes will be coming with the new Help Center design?

Some of the changes you can expect to see include:

  • An updated design for all pages of the Help Center, with accessibility being a core focus throughout the design process.
  • The ability to add icons for Knowledgebase categories (select from our new integrated library of icons).
  • The ability to  add a splash image for News posts and Community Forum areas (we've integrated with Unsplash to give you access to hundreds of free images), creating a more captivating preview.
  • A new landing page for Community, allowing users to select a particular forum and browse through topics within that more easily.
  • We will be phasing out the use of the term 'Portal' and replacing that with 'Help Center'.

We're really excited to share this update with you, and we will be posting further news regarding this soon. We hope you enjoy the new Help Center experience!

We want your feedback!

If you have any feedback about the new design, please submit your suggestions and comments to our Community Feature Request forum and select the 'User Portal' category when creating your topic.

If you are experiencing any issues using our updated Help Center, please submit those to our Bug Report forum or send an email to

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