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New Feature: Sync Users and Agents from Active Directory, LDAP or Databases - Novità / Product - Deskpro Support

giu 25 2015

New Feature: Sync Users and Agents from Active Directory, LDAP or Databases

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Managing separate account details for each app your organization uses can be a huge drain on your time. If you ask each of your staff to juggle 37 different passwords, the chances are that most of them will end up being '123456', or, at the very best, 'letmein'.

That's why Deskpro supports external authentication sources, so your agents and users can log in with their existing credentials from another system. It's one less password to remember.

If you're reading this, you're probably already aware that Deskpro can fetch account details from Active Directory, LDAP and 6 leading databases. That's not the news.

The news is that we've now added Auto Sync for those sources.



Your helpdesk can automatically update user or agent records, regularly syncing to make sure your account credentials are all up to date (you can sync manually at any time, too).


Enabling Auto Sync for sources you've already installed is as easy as ticking a box and clicking Save.




If want to set this up from scratch, see our documentation for Active Directory or LDAP.


We'll be rolling out Auto Sync to Cloud accounts soon. (Deskpro On-Premise admins: update your helpdesk to version #407 or greater to begin auto syncing straight away).


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