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dic 4 2020

Deskpro 2020.3 Release

Elenco degli autori

We are pleased to announce the release of Deskpro version 2020.3. This includes a mixture of general improvements and bug fixes.


  • DPHC-57 - Improve terminology "Published by" to "Authored by"
  • DPHC-58 - Improved scroll behaviour in Guides with large amount of topics
  • DPHC-64 - Improve appearance and behaviour of default avatars throughout portal
  • DPHC-77 - Improve search result rankings in published content
  • DPHC-116 - Improvements to contact form to better handle pre-formatted text
  • DPHC-146 - Improved styling throughout guides
  • DPHC-150 - Add "Date Created" when viewing a ticket on Help Center
  • DPLEG-46 - Improve formatting a horizontal text placement in new email templates
  • DPHC-117 - Admins now able to export themes for all multi brands
  • DPHC-158 - Improve styling when no topics are returned during a guide search
  • DPHC-166 - Add ability to rename title of related links
  • DPHC-183 - Add translation phrase for "Search table of contents" in Guides

Bug Fixes:

  • DPLEG-7 - Can only view first 10 approval templates
  • DPLEG-10 - Only able to add one "Follower" at a time via Mass Actions
  • DPLEG-20 - News subscriptions in multi brands not being notified
  • DPHC-113 - Historical chats and tickets not displaying properly in multibrand portals
  • DPHC-59 - Unwanted variable text appearing below Add Comment Section under Guide topics
  • DPHC-62 - Cleaned up emails in Community to remove unwanted HTML tags
  • DPHC-63 - Time in 'My tickets' date created column shows UTC rather than local time
  • DPHC-66 - The Community Topic count displayed on Help Center is inaccurate
  • DPHC-69 - Unwanted variable shows in helpcenter chat log if chat is ended early
  • DPHC-78 - PDF Export of a ticket contains unwanted HTTP header
  • DPHC-80 - Comments on published content containing hyperlinks were not clickable
  • DPHC-93 - Enabling helpcenter fails with empty templates
  • DPHC-96 - The 'Reset' button for the contact form in Help Center should reset all field values
  • DPHC-109 - Ticket embed pulls through full page instead of just the contact us form
  • DPHC-99 - Phrase missing in confirmation popup when pressing "Reset" in the contact us form
  • DPHC-112 - Published content templates not working with Multi Brand
  • DPHC-145 - Unable to navigate to other guides when viewing a topic
  • DPHC-135 - Organization managers should have access to their organization's tickets in Help Center even if they aren't a user/participant in any tickets
  • DPHC-119 - Hidden Topics still appearing in count for categories in Community
  • DPHC-138 - Download Custom Fields don't show in Help Center
  • DPLEG-30 - "usr/bin/mariadb not valid as a mysql path" error when upgrading
  • DPLEG-35 - User can only View 10 Approval Templates on ticket
  • DPLEG-37 - "Log in" button not responding in Help Center
  • DPLEG-39 - Users being redirected to the default brand when logging out from the help center
  • DPHC-163 - Download as PDF button doesn't work when Ticket Ref Codes are disabled
  • DPLEG-48 - Editing ticket properties removes linked chat
  • DPLEG-51 - Cannot add phone number to Contact Information through API
  • DPLEG-57 - Multi-Domain / Usersource SAML login issues
  • DPHC-164 - Switching between guides leads to a blank page
  • DPLEG-68 - XSS vulnerability addressed 
  • DPLEG-70 - Delete old profile pictures when changing them
  • DPHC-165 - Guide images appear broken after editing and saving changes
  • DPLEG-80 - Cannot download CSV in Reports on Safari
  • DPLEG-84 - Cannot add to custom Time Log & Billing Fields through the API
  • DPHC-167 - Order is wrong when sorting tickets by last action
  • DPLEG-111 - CSV export returns max 1024 tickets
  • DPHC-182 - Variable showing in place of "Show less" in Ticket Deflection
  • DPLEG-119 - Error when creating a new Ticket Approved in a certain way
  • DPLEG-126 - Organisation incorrectly set to 'none' when adding a ticket via the API
  • DPHC-191 - Moving page from one guide to another converts page into Volume
  • DPLEG-157 - CSRF error when trying to submit a ticket via the ticket submission form on website when using Chrome
  • DPLEG-145 - Fix encoding in guides

Messenger feature:

  • DPMSGR-10 - [Messenger] When a user sends a message via Messenger, the message still appears as being typed in Agent
  • DPMSGR-22 - [Messenger] Server Error when submitting tickets from secondary brand
  • DPMSGR-80 - [Messenger] Icon for the bot which sends initial message is now customisable
  • DPMSGR-38 - [Messenger] "0" showing up as agent name when agent joins conversation
  • DPMSGR-81 - [Messenger] Domain whitelisting for messenger returning an error (multiple brands)
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