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Create Recurring Tickets with Replies or Agent Notes - Novità / Product / Product (Admin) - Deskpro Support

lug 25 2023

Create Recurring Tickets with Replies or Agent Notes

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We're excited to announce a new update to our Recurring Tickets feature that takes your automation capabilities to the next level!

Now, when a ticket is created as per your scheduled recurrence, you can include a Reply or an Agent Note to add more context and share information.

Recurring Tickets Reply and Note.png

With this addition, managing recurring processes becomes even more seamless. Whether you need to communicate important details to the end-user at the point the ticket is created or provide essential instructions to the agents working on the request, you can do it all within the automated ticket creation process.

Simply go to Business Rules > Recurring Tickets, to update any of your Recurring Tickets as needed with these new options, or add replies or internal notes to any new Recurring Tickets you create. It's the perfect way to keep everyone in the loop and ensure smooth operations.

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