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Deskpro Horizon Release 2024.4 - Berita / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

Jan 23 2024

Deskpro Horizon Release 2024.4

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We’re pleased to announce the release of Deskpro Horizon, version 2024.4. This release includes several new features including the expansion of our Lists functionality in the CRM, we have also resolved several bugs to improve your helpdesk experience.

New Features

Deskpro’s CRM is now enhanced with Lists feature

We are excited to announce the extension of our CRM capabilities with the introduction of Lists to replace Saved Search. The expansion of this feature into the CRM gives Agents the ability to create no-code custom lists of Users or Organizations in your helpdesk with the simple is/is not filtering capabilities.

Lists CRM.png

Similarly to Ticket Lists, Agents will be able to create personal custom lists, while Admins create them per Team or Globally to provide powerful User and Organization filtering across the helpdesk.

✨ We have added support for forwarding Agent Notes which will create a new linked ticket. When you select the menu on an individual Agent Note, you will be given the option to Forward either the individual note into a new linked ticket or the thread of agent and user messages from that point onwards (SC 134510).

Forward Agent Note as Linked Ticket.png

✨ Text formatting tools have been added to Help Center and Community comments for Agents, making it easier for agents to form more effective responses to comments left on the Help Center and when interacting with Community topics (SC 130719).

Community Formatting Tools.png

The rich text formatting tools are:

  • Bold

  • Italic

  • Underline

  • Bullet points

  • Numbered list

  • Text color

  • Highlight text

  • Insert link

  • Insert image

  • Insert table

✨ The Actions Add Agent Reply and Add Note for Triggers, SLAs, Escalations, and Recurring Tickets now support Rich Text Editing and Attachments. This enhancement enables Admins to utilize text formatting and attachments in automated messages, improving the clarity and effectiveness of these communications (SC 113673).

✨ We improved field mapping in the Harvest app to allow multiple Deskpro fields to map to the Harvest app for better information sharing (SC 134277).

Latest Improvements

💅 Updated how Agent IM message statuses are stored to ensure message count is accurate (SC 128272).

Bug Fixes

🐛 Resolved an issue with the Knowledgebase Article editors. The editor used to last update an article will be automatically selected when opening the article (SC 120652).

🐛 When a User gets converted to an Agent, a Welcome Email will be sent to them (SC 131746).

🐛 Fixed a discrepancy between custom date fields displaying different dates because of the agent’s timezone (SC 135706).

🐛 Resolved an issue with handling data from images uploaded to the Knowledgebase editors (SC 137816).

🐛 Ticket Queue names will sync to the Your Objects translation menu to allow translation of Queue names post-migration (SC 134358).

🐛 If an error impacts ticket Queues and Lists results, a message will display to explain not all data can be returned (SC 127206).

🐛 Fixed a Department visibility issue that impacted creating and editing Tasks (SC 135332).

🐛 A help message has been added to explain when ticket message HTML fails to be processed (SC 113849).

🐛 Specifying a return URL during JWT SSO now works with hash paths and query parameters (SC 136460).

🐛 Expanded the width of Forward and CC addresses on ticket messages and added tooltips to improve visibility (SC 135333).

🐛 Fixed an image issue causing an internal server error when loading a Knowledgebase Article in the Agent interface (SC 138815).

🐛 Fixed the custom Date and Time fields in Ticket Triggers and Recurring Tickets jumping ahead 1 hour (SC 137792).

🐛 Adding handling to Messenger to make the Read status more accurate when a User isn't on the tab (SC 136982).

🐛 When a User is an Organization Manager subscribed to all Organizational tickets, the option to remove them will be disabled for other users (SC 134955).

🐛 Added a more reliable way to restrict access to private downloads on the Cloud (SC 139237).

🐛 Fixed the issue with the CRM profile dropdown not showing all options when space is available (SC 137458).

🐛 If you use JWT login, Messenger will create a user if a matching user doesn't exist(SC 139236).

🐛 Fixed an issue where a new ticket would error if a conditional field relies on an empty date field (SC 136948).

🐛 Your cursor will automatically focus on the reply box again after selecting an Agent with your mouse after using an @mention (SC 135574).

🐛 If an Agent is an On-Premise Admin, the Workspaces dropdown will now have the option to Create a new instance (SC 114392).

🐛 Fixed an issue where the correct brand name was not being selected as the email from name by a Trigger on a multi-branded helpdesk (SC 135108).

🐛 We have resolved several issues with the Instagram and Facebook channels (SC 139469).

Patch Release 2024.4.1

🐛 Restored a missing table that would impact upgrades for On-Premise customers (SC 139998).

Patch Release 2024.4.3

🐛Fixed an issue where some queues were not returning tickets.

On-Premise Controller Release 2.13.2

We are also delighted to announce the latest version of the OPC, 2.13.3. This version includes improvements and fixes to enhance the On-Premise Controller/

Latest Improvements

💅 Ensure the correct email is used when opening remote support tunnels (SC 139435).

💅 Increase the default PHP memory limit in the web container for Deskpro (SC 139375).

Bug Fixes

🐛 Check all instance configurations before removing stale containers that are not running (SC 139371).

🐛 Fix the display of raw trace directory size to improve performance (SC 139109).

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