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Okt 31 2023

Deskpro Horizon Release 2023.44

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We’re pleased to announce the release of Deskpro Horizon, version 2023.44.1. This release includes several new features that increase control and flexibility in the interface, alongside some general improvements to the UI and product functionality and several bug fixes.

New Features

✨ When creating fields for your Help Center form, you will now be able to add links to the Title or Description to improve the end-user experience when interacting with your forms (SC 128114).

Help Center Form URLs Clickable.png

✨ We’ve introduced new options to the sort, group, and view preferences for Ticket Queues to give you more power and flexibility (SC 102790).

Group by Label.png

Advanced Sorting, Grouping, and View options:

  • Email Account

  • Hours Agent Waiting

  • Total Hours Agent Waiting

  • Ticket Text Custom Fields

  • Ticket Labels

You’re also able to Sort and View Tickets based on Ticket Ref. And we have added Grouping for Status & Sub-Status.

And for those that prefer to interact with Tickets in our Kanban View, you can view the following Date & Time Values:

  • Date Created

  • Date of Last User Reply

  • Date of Last Agent Reply

  • Date Resolved

  • Hours Agent Waiting

  • Hours User Waiting

  • Total Working Hours Agent Waiting

  • Total Working Hours User Waiting

This update will help make your tickets easier to manage and make organizing requests more efficient, saving you time and effort.

✨ We added enhancements to our voice system permissions by giving Admins control over which Agents can set themselves as unavailable for a call queue (SC 128251)! Here’s how this additional permission option benefits both Admins and Agents:

1. More control for Admins: You can now restrict which agents can set themselves as unavailable for a queue. This offers more flexibility and control over your team's availability and ensures that calls are always attended to.

2. Empowered Agents: As an agent granted permission to set yourself as available or unavailable to answer calls to queues you are in, you gain more control over your workload and can manage your time more effectively.

Latest Improvements

💅 We have separated the Facebook and Instagram channels in Admin to make the setup and management of the two channels clearer (SC 125673).

Now when you go to set up accounts via the specific channel page the relevant fields will be filled in by default to simplify the flow and make it easier to add your Facebook and Instagram Business Accounts to Deskpro.

💅 The Ticket History will show when the actions performed on a Ticket were carried out by a Macro. This will be indicated by the Macro ID to make clear which actions were the result of the Macro (SC 101129).

💅 We’ve updated the Team selector on the Ticket Information, now when you hover over the section it will show Add Team or Remove Team (SC 98668).

💅 We've standardized the Select component across all Rule Builders (Triggers, Escalations, Queues, etc) for a more consistent user experience (SC 105873).

💅 When a new ticket is created if the User is associated with any organizations, then the User’s primary organization will be pre-populated in the Ticket Form (SC 131757).

Bug Fixes

🐛 We've blocked the option to add multiple recipients in the To field when using the Forward as new ticket option to ensure your communications are directed as expected and align with the ticket rules of only one ticket owner.

🐛 Fixed an issue with the Email Template picker to ensure you can access all of the templates (SC 127500).

🐛 We've fixed an overflow issue with Select fields for Triggers if a custom field Criteria had a long title (SC 127608).

🐛 We have resolved an issue where incorrect payloads returned an incorrect 500 error when creating a ticket using the API, now incorrect payloads will return a 400 error to make it clear to the user that their submission is invalid (SC 124186).

🐛 We've improved our migration process, so it runs much faster when no changes are required, especially for those using older versions of MySQL servers. (SC 130768).

🐛 We've resolved an issue where Snippet attachments were missing following migration (SC 131609).

🐛 We have resolved a migration issue where creating new Tickets wouldn’t allow you to view the Ticket History (SC 131848).

🐛 We’ve fixed an issue where content view counts would not display data correctly when specifying the date range (SC 123625).

🐛 We fixed an issue with Follower notifications to ensure that Agents following Tickets now receive notifications, even if they don't have full access to the Ticket's Department (SC 118898).

🐛 We fixed an issue with converting User Messages into Notes (SC 127798).

🐛 We’ve restored the ability to access PDF attachments for Articles from the Help Center (SC 127441).

🐛 We've resolved an issue where Ticket Satisfaction was overlapping attachments on a Ticket for Users on the Help Center (SC 107511).

🐛 Fixed an issue where Ticket Attachments wouldn’t be sent if the reply was sent before the attachment finished uploading (SC 83639).

🐛 We've resolved an issue with the minimum date not being selectable in custom fields with date range validation (SC 75539).

On-Premise Controller Release 2.10.3

We are also pleased to share the latest improvement to the On-Premise Controller for version 2.10.3.

Latest Improvement

💅 Add utility command to check for integrity of configuration files (SC 131841).

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