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Jul 25 2023

Deskpro Horizon Release 2023.30

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We’re pleased to announce the release of Deskpro Horizon, version 2023.30. In this release, we are adding new functionality to some of our powerful features, including the new Recurring Tickets features and a key enhancement to our Knowledgebase editor.

Alongside these updates, we have made several other improvements across the interface through bug fixes. Keep reading below to find out more of the detail of these changes.

New Features

Try out the powerful new HTML editor for Knowledgebase Articles (SC 119471)

You can now edit Knowledgebase Articles with our new HTML editor which simplifies the editing process for your content.

HTML Editor Comparison.png

Simply toggle between the HTML or default editor as needed, and easily HTML content within your articles.

Create Recurring Tickets with Replies or Agent Notes (SC 119470)

You can now include a Ticket Reply or Agent Note to add more context and share information when a Recurring Ticket is created.

Recurring Tickets Reply and Note.png

✨ We have added the ability to remove Deskpro branding from the Help Center if you purchase our white labeling option (SC 119025).

Latest Improvements

💅 We’ve improved the behavior of the Jump to most recent to ensure it does not display too soon (SC 117443).

Bug Fixes

🐛 Fixed an issue for On-Premise customers where the chat box was displaying an error for the active chat (SC 119427).

🐛 We resolved issues with Activating Meta features in Channels for the Admin UI on Deskpro Cloud accounts (SC 119160).

🐛 Resolved the problem where the Jump to most recent message would display when you were already at the most recent message (SC 107702).

🐛 Fixed an issue with Bubble Grouping on Ticket Queues not remembering the Group by the state when switching between different Queues (SC 118890).

🐛 Fixed an issue with the data.last_seen field from /api/v2/agents/extended returning empty when exported (SC 107844).

🐛 Fixed the field type DataList on custom app fields resulting in an error when loading Ticket Department Forms in the Admin interface (SC 108238).

🐛 The issue where removing a Channel from the helpdesk deleted all associated logs has been fixed. Now when a Channel is deleted, you will still see a log of the communication to review previous messages or any costs associated with them (SC 108022).

🐛 Fixed an issue where the Snippet Shortcode would remain in the reply box after inserting the message when creating a New Ticket (SC 115414).

🐛 The reply box +CC button will now load the menu if you click it more than once (SC 115349).

🐛 Fixed an issue where the Date and Date & Time custom fields would impact the date on a Ticket Email Notification (SC 113609).

🐛 We have improved how matching on Ticket Attachments works for file names without spaces or with special characters (SC 117045).

🐛 We fixed two issues with Ticket Search:

  • The issue where only 3 results for matching messages on ticket search would display.

  • And the issue where HTML would show on message previews in the results (SC 111968).

🐛 Fixed an issue where extra spaces would display on Guide Pages but not in the preview (SC 92223).

🐛 The Deskpro login option will no longer be available on the agent login page, when disabled by an admin (SC 114860).

🐛 Fixed an issue that stopped agents from being able to scroll in Knowledgebase Categories with more than 50 articles (SC 111480).

🐛 Resolved an issue impacting Ticket Creation speed to improve the performance (SC 114056).

🐛 Fixed an issue with the Triggers Rule Builder to support all possibilities for migrated Built-in Fields (SC 110535).

🐛 Fixed an issue affecting missing Agent and Usergroup Permissions (SC 109210).

🐛 Fixed an issue where Voice Tickets would be stuck in a Pending State in the Call Log if the call dropped or was canceled by the User during processing (SC 97815).

🐛 Agents will now be able to view Users’ email addresses when they have no permission to edit a User’s Profile (SC 108321).

🐛 We have improved the handling of idle timeout so that agents will now be logged out after a period of time if the setting is disabled (SC 100048).

Patch Release 2023.30.1

We have released a patch fix to resolve two issues.

🐛 Fixed a bug where the recipient on a ticket would display with a strikethrough CC briefly after sending a reply (SC 119585).

🐛 Fixed an issue to allow the handling of protected media messages via MMS and WhatsApp so they will display on tickets (SC 116175).

On-Premise Controller Release 2.7.3

We are also pleased to announce the latest release of the OPC.

Latest Improvements

💅 Add the ability to change trusted proxies from the Web GUI (SC 119326).

Bug Fixes

🐛 Output the help for the jobs command in the CLI if a subcommand is not specified (SC 119475).

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