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"401 SOAP client returned status of 401" error - Dasar Pengetahuan / Using Deskpro / Sysadmin - Deskpro Support

"401 SOAP client returned status of 401" error

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I'm seeing an error message like this in my server logs, once every minute. 

Exception: 401 SOAP client returned status of 401Type: EWS_Exception

What does this mean?


This happens when you're using a Microsoft Exchange ticket email account, but the URL/host/credentials are invalid.

* We tried the SMTP connection option and that failed too.

Try changing the password for the account (make sure to update the password in Deskpro too). You may be able to change the password, and then immediately change it back to the old password. Good idea to try that first if the account is used by other people/software.


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