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Reports to track ticket deflection Collecting Feedback

In order to leverage the value of self-service information finding in the Knowledgebase, it would be helpful to track ticket deflection and be able to create reports based on this.

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John Issa
<p>I&rsquo;m always trying to figure out how I can get a bird eye view of all the users hitting our KB. What would be really cool would be to have a report capability that can show me historic article consumption by person/IP&hellip; for all our KB artilces How I use this data: helps me to understand if my staff are taking initiative and doing some self-learning. Also helps me to understand if staff are referencing content when solving customer issues. This could be a HUGE part of how I evaluate CSR&rsquo;s because it&rsquo;s a large indicator of interest, engagement, initiative and customer centric attitudes..&nbsp; It&rsquo;s also a mechanism for me to relate which of my staff use content relative to how helpful (or not) they find articles and what they do about it&hellip;do they tell us so we can improve articles etc&hellip; So essentially all this leads to improving internal awareness, learning, capabilities and ultimately higher quality customer service.. From another perspective&hellip;If there are large companies that are using our KB to self-diagnose and resolve it&rsquo;s user base related issues (we have an account like that that has their own operations help desk)then we could have better insight into how that account/IP/company name etc&hellip; is consuming content, which could influence what we further publish etc&hellip; I would love to see this capability at some point and the system already collects the data&hellip;</p>

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