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Email Template: "Comment Deleted" template is incorrect - Ötlettár / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Email Template: "Comment Deleted" template is incorrect Collecting Feedback

We're running DeskPro #356.1. The 'Comment Deleted' template erroneously sends the user a 'Your comment was read by our agents' instead of a 'Your comment was deleted by our agents' message. The default template subject and body should be updated to correctly describe the action that has taken place. Here's the current default template:<br /><br /> ==============================<br /><br /> Email Subject:<br /><br /> Your comment was read by our agents<br /><br /> <br /><br /> Email Body:<br /><br /> {% set content = comment.getObject() %}<br /><br /> {% set phrase_link %}&lt;a href=&quot;{{ content.getLink(false) }}&quot;&gt;{{ content.title }}&lt;/a&gt;{% endset %}<br /><br /> {{ phrase(&#039;user.emails.comment_thank-you&#039;, {&#039;link&#039;: phrase_link}, true) }}<br /><br /> Your comment was used to improve the page.<br /><br /> ==============================

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