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Allow <pre> html tags in the message body of user replies - Ötlettár / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Allow <pre> html tags in the message body of user replies Collecting Feedback

At the moment, html <pre> tags are stripped from the user replies. As an IT agent, we love being able to read code fragments as they are formatted by the user.

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Chris Radi
We have several automated emails that are sent to our Deskpro incoming email that use the pre HTML tag.It appears that this tag is being filtered out when the message is sanitized for the ticket display (although it is respected when you view the message in its raw form).It would be helpful if this tag was respected in the ticket so we can have more control over the way information is displayed in tickets.
Mel Roth
I think you want the tag.
 tags can cause formatting problems, such as very long lines.

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