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Allow incoming emails from our company domain to be set as agent notes - Ötlettár / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Allow incoming emails from our company domain to be set as agent notes Collecting Feedback

When our support department needs inside information from a colleague who is not set up as an Agent in Deskpro, they send the colleague a question with the use of DeskPro. But when this colleague replies, it attaches the mail to the ticket as a normal user reply, which can be visible to our user. 

We want to create rule which prevents this from happening, without needing to create a linked ticket or add all our other colleagues as agents. For example: When incoming ticket (email) reply is coming from domain x, where the from email address is not an agent, then set it as an agent note.

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E Lee
I agree. The risk of the end user/customer receiving an internal note is too high.
We are having to do work arounds to prevent this -external email and/or linked ticket that we don't see end user/customer updates on.
Neil Davis
This is something we've been trying to deal with since implementing DeskPro. Other systems seem to handle this well and it's something that may influence our continued use.

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