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Ability to notify admins when Email Rate Limits are reached - Ötlettár / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Ability to notify admins when Email Rate Limits are reached Collecting Feedback

When a user sends emails too often (as specified in Setup > Email rate limiting), new messages are rejected by DeskPRO and the user is notified by email, for example:

"You have sent 15 messages within 10 minutes. To prevent abuse, we
have temporarily banned your email address for 15 minutes. After
12:45 am, this temporary ban will be removed and you will be able to
send emails again."

In the case when messages are intentionally sent in bulk amounts, this behaviour of DeskPRO is not helping to mitigate flood. It creates
more flood instead.

It would be more helpful if DeskPRO could be set up to send automatic messages to admins instead, so that necessary actions could be taken to mitigate flood (such as adding filtration rules in email hosting provider settings).

Also, is it possible to only send one message when the limit is exceeded?

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