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Iúil 5 2017

Full Ticket Forwarding

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Deskpro as a helpdesk removes the need to mess around with confusing shared email inboxes, or endless email chains, and consolidate your support and contact with your users in a controlled interface.


NOTE: This is a BETA feature, which can be enabled in one-click from your administrator dashboard!


Why would you need this?


We understand there are situations where a ticket may need to branch back into an email, when working with third parties, or departments which do not use the helpdesk system. We have listened to feedback from our clients, and implemented a feature to seamlessly forward out an entire ticket, or a historical email chain from a ticket.



A common situation is when the ticket needs the attention of a person or department outside of Deskpro. Here we have a ticket requiring the attention of an external finance team. Previously, you would have had to copy and paste histories over, or export the full ticket as a PDF which was not ideal.


How does this work?


You can now either forward the entire history using the tab next to the reply/note selection, or select the “Forward ticket from here” in any response, which will forward the ticket history from the response to the beginning of the ticket, and omit the most recent responses.



In this example, I have forwarded the entire ticket history to the finance team, accountant, and have blind carbon copied (BCC) in a third party.


I see a full preview of the email to be sent. You may notice that internal notes are omitted from the forwarded email, the purpose of this is to forward correspondence history, so only user/agent replies are included.


The agent is also able to select the email this comes from, it can be their personal email in the helpdesk, or the helpdesk/departments email address, this is good for determining where you want responses to go, back into the helpdesk, or into the agents personal mailbox.


The email which is then produced is very similar to a forward chain in traditional email, so the recipients can look through the responses in a format that is familiar to them, and respond back without having to log in or use Deskpro!


Administrator settings


With this new feature there are some administrator settings to control how agents can forward out emails, and from which email addresses:



This is controlled from within the Admin Interface > Tickets > Forward Settings - Under “Ticket Forwarding - Outbound” - you can specify the default email address, and enable a setting where agents can use their own email addresses


Important Information



This will initially be released as a BETA feature, to enable this you will need to visit your Admin Interface  > Admin Dashboard - on the bottom left of the page there will be a list of features to enable. You can enable “Improved Forwarding” to make use of this feature.

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Keith Ritter
Love this feature! Nice work.

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