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MFómh 28 2017

Deskpro release 5.10.3

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We’re delighted to announce the release of Deskpro 5.10.3


Deskpro 5.10.3 includes the feature updates, bug fixes and improvements listed below:



  • Ability to search using an ‘or’ function with multiple search terms now added. Users can now search for tickets containing ‘x’ OR ‘y’ OR ‘z’, displaying all tickets which satisfy any defined search terms. Users can now also use this search function with multiple keywords - like ‘apple juice’ OR ‘orange juice’.



  • If a widget override code is in place, it now only sends users to the chat department specified

  • ‘Open in Deskpro app’ option now available for the Deskpro iOS app

  • Text in agent status now aligned correctly


Bug fixes:

  • Error with authenticating from a remote database resolved

  • Language now detected correctly when default language updated

  • Blank dropdown menu when searching date and time fields resolved

  • ‘Send comment to JIRA’ HTML issue resolved

  • IP whitelisting no longer bypassed when using API to log in

  • Internal server error when merging users resolved

  • ‘Phantom’ departments no longer appear after being deleted

  • ‘Unable to create the store directory’ error resolved

  • Zendesk importer connection failure resolved

  • ‘Error when rendering’ bug resolved

  • Custom data in the API sandbox now rendering correctly

  • Updated ticket properties now displaying correctly

  • Custom parent fields now displaying tickets correctly

  • Users no longer see content in restricted categories when searching using labels

  • Helpdesks in subdirectories of domains now redirecting links correctly

  • Selecting multiple tickets in triggers now working correctly

  • Exporting tickets as PDF files now includes custom field data

  • Browser chat notifications no longer appearing when not logged in to chat

  • Using mass actions to delete tickets that have not passed validation now enabled

  • Shortcode auto-complete now displaying correctly

  • ‘400’ errors when enabling chat widget now resolved

  • Data from usersource SSO now being displayed correctly when searching in the ticket pane


V2 Snippets improvements and bug fixes:

  • In the Snippet view, users can now see recent uses of a snippet

  • Snippets attachments now working correctly

  • Users can now change and save snippet type when editing


If you are using Deskpro Cloud, we will roll out this update to your Helpdesk soon.



If you are using Deskpro On-Premise, you can update your Helpdesk to the latest version from your Admin Interface.


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