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Deskpro Horizon Release 2022.20.0 - News / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

Beal 17 2022

Deskpro Horizon Release 2022.20.0

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New Channels added to On-Premise

Deskpro is proud to announce that Voice, SMS, WhatsApp & Twitter channels are now available On-Premise.

We have been working hard over the past few months to bring the full multi-channel experience of Deskpro On-Premise, in line with Deskpro Cloud, with more social channels planned for release across 2022.

Bringing calls and social media channels into your helpdesk gives your team the ability to provide true multi-channel support from one place.

Voice, SMS & WhatsApp Channels (managed by Deskpro) (SC 71940 & SC 71886)

Voice, SMS & WhatsApp are now available to use as communication channels on Deskpro On-Premise to send and receive calls, SMS and WhatsApp messages from within the helpdesk.

All three of the channels are built on Twilio (the same framework as for Deskpro Cloud) and the messages are fully integrated into Deskpro ticket interface.

  • Voice - Call center software in your helpdesk

  • SMS - Send and receive SMS messages

  • WhatsApp - Two-way WhatsApp business messaging

The channels are included with your license and available to anyone On-Premise from this release onwards. The channels can be turned on within the Admin interface, Admin > Channels > Select Channel (Voice/SMS/WhatsApp). To be able to make calls or send messages, you will need to add service credit to your account, which can be done by an Admin in the billing section.

For in-depth walkthroughs regarding set-up and how to use the new channels, please see the guides on Voice, SMS and WhatsApp.

Twitter Channel (direct with Twitter) (SC 68195)

Twitter is now available as a communication channel for On-Premise customers, enabling support teams turn @mentions into tickets on your helpdesk for two-way communication with customers on Twitter.

Linking your Twitter account into your helpdesk, is done directly via Twitter, with no third party involvement.

To set up Twitter on your helpdesk, you’ll need a Twitter developer account and then you will need to follow these steps to enable Twitter as a new channel on your helpdesk.

Once you have connected your helpdesk to Twitter you are able to:

  • Choose how & when @mentions & DM’s become tickets

  • Reply to @mentions & DM directly from the ticket interface

  • Use triggers to automate responses to @mentions

What else is new in this release

SC 64760 - Mass Reply now supports using snippets & sending attachments

SC 68675 & SC 68677 - SMS & WhatsApp added to the new ticket form, so you can start a ticket by sending an SMS or WhatsApp message

SC 69635 - Now you can create triggers that only run when the agent forwards an email to the helpdesk

SC 61175 - You can now link related Help Center content to Guide Pages

SC 60290 - Now possible to define additional scopes for OpenID Connect auth sources

Improvements made in this release

SC 69318 - Improved the Awaiting User Drawer, now easier to see what happens to tickets when a user does not respond

SC 72279 - “Department” field dropdown improved UX for selecting child departments

SC 61293 - Contact Us form now displays an error message if users attempt to upload files that are too large

SC 58874 - Embedded videos in KB articles now showing for migrated sites

SC 67222 - Send button in reply box footer accounts for agent’s permissions

SC 61539 - During a chat now easier for agents to distinguish between messages sent by users & messages they are typing

SC 58367 - Ticket table sort menu options now ordered in an agent-friendly manner

SC 68759 - When re-opening a ticket, the ticket data is refreshed automatically

SC 69852 - Improved the UX for changing ticket’s team assignment

SC 71413 - Macro preview enhanced when creating a follow up

SC 71300 - When creating a user, the form auto-selects your Helpdesk’s timezone

SC 67277 - Made it easier to add new categories when creating KB articles

SC 40830 - You can now group a ticket table by brand

SC 46280 - Improved agent login page to handle browser password helpers

SC 68440 & SC 71824 - You can now make file fields on tickets mandatory

SC 71522 - You can now change the credentials when testing Auth sources during setup

SC 70095 - Improved the validation messages when setting the agent’s password

SC 64015 - Improved the delete department confirmation modal

SC 39580 - Secure ports selected by default, to make adding email accounts easier

SC 68681 - Position in admin table preserved when opening & closing drawer

SC 57559 - For voice calls can now set the time hour in minutes or hours

SC 35333 - Reopening an already open ticket, moves the ticket tab into a visible position

SC 62541 - User’s contact information determines which tabs show in the reply box

Bug fixes in this release

SC 69035 - Field auto-populated correctly when setting up outbound Google or Office STMP (Cloud Instance)

SC 67881 - Now able to delete unwanted Deskpro CRM auth sources, when multiple installed

SC 70760 - Fixed O365 OAuth issue, you can now use OAuth when to setup the Office365 Exchange email account

SC 72277 , SC 55536 & SC 66468 - Date inputs account for agent’s timezone

SC 71601 - Now able to perform wildcard DPQL query against tickets table

SC 68663 - Date & Time inputs on Help Center now open and close properly

SC 71369 - You no longer need to refresh to see the outbound WhatsApp message you just sent

SC 54029 - Agent’s notification preferences are now displayed correctly in the preferences modal

SC 60661 - Fixed the ticket history search, you can search against the events & who performed them

SC 58413 - Fixed filenames in outbound emails using Japanese characters

SC 67763 - Automatically approved community topics, do not show in the “Topics to Review”

SC 55954 - When forwarding a ticket, attachments on ticket messages are included in forwarding

SC 58268 - The billing app on an agent’s CRM profile now shows the correct charges

SC 68265 - In the new ticket form stopped text fields re-rendering if you change the assigned agent

SC 61677 - Follow ups can now add notes & Send Emails at the same time

SC 59852 - New ticket form allows you to select a user before picking a department

SC 70849 & SC 69278 - Fixed typos on the admin queues & email settings page

SC 68434 - “Enable Validation when resolved” option saves when creating custom fields

SC 69985 - Removed erroneous options from ticket queue settings

SC 66511 - Stopped parent ticket departments being a brand’s default department

SC 71406 - Admins are once again able to delete recordings in the call log

SC 65163 - Fixed the “to” & “from” filters for admin email logs

SC 71439 - On-Premise customers your Helpdesk domain is retrieved automatically from OPC

SC 71230 - Stopped the event subscription from 400 error

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