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DeskPRO Build #5.6 Released - News / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

Beal 31 2017

DeskPRO Build #5.6 Released

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We are delighted to announce the release a new version of DeskPRO which has a number of New Features, Bug Fixes and Improvements.




  • All new Trello App installed under Apps in the Admin Interface - find out more here

  • New Chat Widget colors available - find out more here




  • User-specific Widget button labels for ticket forms

  • Improvements to Amazon S3 blob storage

  • Merge Ticket overlay now shows Lock status

  • API CAPTCHA on ApiTokensController




Admin Interface -


  • Resolved issues in html template within Portal Modification System

  • Email aliases can be removed

  • Login Alert email issues resolved

  • Viewing Tickets in new windows produces correct URL related to the Ticket

  • French translations of publisher posts no longer showing a particular comment as default

  • Saving Brands no longer overwriting Custom Domain

  • Export Tickets to CSV functioning correctly

  • Force SSL no longer missing when loading settings

  • Organization Import performance fixed

  • Correct and valid URL must be entered in Settings

  • Error message for missing Custom Fields lists all missing Fields

  • Fixed errors when exporting server files

  • Unknown Reply action error resolved

  • Ability to choose relevant Email Account for User emails on Multi-brand Helpdesk restored

  • Search on Custom Field criteria fixed

  • Failed login attempt emails are always sent

  • Custom Organization Field dependency bug fixed

  • Last action in User Portal no longer showing Internal communication

  • Able to select multiple Usergroups when creating CRM accounts

  • Swedish FW Support fixed


Agent Interface -


  • Ability to create a Task from a Macro restored

  • No longer possible to create a Macro without a title

  • Copy-to-clipboard-ticket-id icon issues resolved

  • Monday is now selectable on Date Custom Fields

  • Keyboard shortcuts to change tabs functioning correctly

  • German Umlauts can be used when searching usernames

  • All User email content can be viewed

  • Using Mass Actions to modify Tickets no longer sends New Reply notifications

  • Able to set Usergroups when creating a New User in the CRM

  • Macro hierarchy rendering correctly under New Ticket

  • Snippets within a Macros now functioning

  • Errors with responses of mass actioned Tickets resolved

  • Deleted KB Articles no longer appear in Search results

  • Attachments must be completely uploaded to Tickets before replying


Live Chat -


  • Disabled Chat hides Chat icon in Agent Interface

  • Chat Department bugs fixed

  • Upgrades no longer causing Chat to be disabled

  • Department view in Open Chats shows correct breakdown


Usersource, Apps & API -


  • TicketsDataService now using UNION

  • Filename decoding issues resolved

  • Timeout on polling requests no longer causing errors

  • Raw Popup issues resolved

  • API: Ticket labels now persisting


If you are using DeskPRO Cloud, we will roll out this update to your Helpdesk soon

If you are using DeskPRO On-Premise, you can update your Helpdesk to the latest version from your Admin Interface

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