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How do I link tickets to community topics? - Knowledgebase / Deskpro Legacy - Deskpro Support

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How do I link tickets to community topics?

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In order to effectively manage community topics, sometimes it can be useful to link tickets to these topics. 

This can be very useful when managing feature requests or keeping tabs on which tickets are related to which community submissions, allowing you to manage user communications with ease.

To link to a community topic from a ticket, the "Link Existing Community Topic" and "Create Linked Community Topic" options are available from the Actions menu in the ticket view.

  • Link Existing Community Topic displays a search box where you can enter community topic title or an ID to find the topic you want to link the ticket to.

  • Create Linked Community Topic opens the New Community Topic tab. The New Community Topic shows a message at the top saying it's being created as a linked item to the ticket.

After a ticket has been linked to community topic, a "Linked Community Topic" tab is added to the ticket Properties box. This simply lists the linked topic with an "x" icon to remove the link.

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