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I'm having trouble with Active Directory authentication

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Verify your service account and Base DN

Use a tool such as the Active Directory Explorer from Microsoft to connect with the same service account you have configured the AD Usersource with.

Once connected, navigate to one of your users and note the "path." Verify that the path shown contains the same path you have configured the AD Usersource's "Base DN" option. For example, CN=jdoe,OU=Members,OU=Test,DC=example,DC=com, then your Base DN should be set as DC=example,DC=com.

Verify your test user

Once you have selected a user, a list of their attributes will be displayed in the right pane. Find the "userPrincipalName" and "sAMAccountName" and verify that these are the usernames you are trying when testing the usersource. The AD Usersource is able to connect using either of these strings, make sure to try both.

Verify your test user credentials

Use a tool like Auth to confirm the user credentials and domain are correct.

Auth.exe is a command-line tool you should run from a network computer. You pass it three parameters for the domain to authenticate against, the user and the password. For example:

	Auth.exe /d:mydomain /u:"" /p:"password"

Open ports

Make sure that the required ports are opened in any firewalls between the Deskpro helpdesk and your Active Directory server.

The main port you are likely to need to open is 389 or 636 if you are using SSL.

Note that Active Directory can use various different ports depending on how it is configured: here is a full list.

If you are a Cloud customer, contact to find out the IP addresses you need to accept connections from.


Still need help?

If you're still having trouble, contact with the result from running the "Test" from the Usersource edit section. This can be found from Admin / CRM / Registration, click your usersource to edit it, and then click the "Test" button in the top-right.

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