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I'm having trouble adding agent names to the body of user notification emails - Base de connaissances / Deskpro Legacy - Deskpro Support

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I'm having trouble adding agent names to the body of user notification emails

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Users receive email notifications when your agents reply to their tickets (or make a new ticket on their behalf). These notifications are designed to look like a normal email message, rather than something generated by a helpdesk system, so the body of the email doesn't contain the agent's name.

Instead, the agent's name is included in the email From: field (and usually in the agent's signature).

If you want the body of the email to include the name of the agent, you can do this by editing the email templates.

This code will add the agent's name and email address to make it clear who is replying:


{% set reply = messages|first %}{% set author = reply.person %}{{ author.display_name }} &lt;{{ }}&gt; wrote:<br/><br/>



1. Go to Admin > Email > Email Templates, and under User Templates select the Ticket Emails section.

2. Edit the New Agent Reply template. 

3. Insert the code directly above the <dp:agent-reply /> line.

4. Save the template.

5. Insert the same code in the New Ticket By Agent template, directly above the <dp:last-reply /> line, and save the template. 

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