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huhtik. 16 2018

What do I need? On-premise vs cloud help desk explained

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Not sure whether you need an on-premise or cloud help desk deployment? Read this article to discover the particular strengths and weaknesses of either approach. 

What's the main difference between a cloud and on-premise help desk software?

The most fundamental difference when it comes to cloud vs on-premise help desk software is location. On-premise help desk software is installed locally on your own IT infrastructure. Cloud help desk software means it's hosted on the vendor's IT infrastructure.

Although cloud deployments are widely-popular with a diverse range of organizations, the debate around cloud vs on-premise continues to be hotly contended. In reality, which one is best depends entirely on your situation. Let's go through some of the key differences to figure out which type of help desk deployment suits you.

Custom deployment and hosting

Opting for an on-premise help desk means that you're able to use your own server configuration to host the software. This enables you to maintain, augment and upgrade software in your own time.
Although this is a benefit for some, it can be a hindrance to others. Unless you have the in-house resources and know-how that's necessary to manage installs and upgrades, maintenance associated with on-premise software can become a costly headache.

With cloud deployments, you usually don't have to worry about any of the technical details like applying security patches or procuring web hosting from another company. The cloud help desk provider will automatically update your help desk, add new features and roll-out improvements as they're made.

Specific requirements

The level of control that an on-premise help desk brings also gives you complete jurisdiction over software configuration. This makes it a strong plus for companies with specific requirements in custom development or integration with other applications.

Also, some companies that have stringent compliance standards benefit from being able to control data processes with an on-premise help desk. These are usually larger organizations with particular security requirements, or those who are required to store all information on local servers - like financial or government organizations.

On the other hand, companies without specific requirements to meet often find that the reduced cost and hassle of a cloud help desk outweigh the flexibility of on-premise. Leading cloud help desks still usually offer full-featured security options, granular permissions, and authentication integrations.

Pricing and affordability

One of the most popular aspects of a cloud deployment is that it requires no upfront costs. Instead, you make regular monthly payments costs. Whilst these costs adds up over time, maintenance and support services are included removing the need for annual contracts. Ultimately, the costs associated with running a cloud help desk are predictable.

Alternatively, you may be comfortable with an annual license and already have the resources to maintain the help desk and any infrastructure it may rely on. In this case, an on-premise deployment might pay off.

Hopefully these differences between on-premise vs cloud helpdesk deployments will give you the facts you need to make an informed decision.
Deskpro offers both on-premise and cloud deployment options. Regardless of whether you opt for on-premise or cloud, Deskpro will support you every step of the way. You can even swap between deployments at any time, with no additional or surprise costs.

Find out more about Deskpro on-premise and cloud.

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