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DeskPRO Build #5.2.2 Released - Uutiset / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

jouluk. 9 2016

DeskPRO Build #5.2.2 Released

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  • Chinese language pack enabled
  • Ability to set a default language for chat widget when it is embedded on a webpage
  • You can now require user input when you use the regex validation option 
  • When you create a ticket via an API key a ticket log record is added


  • Error viewing list of resolved tickets in agent interface (no results would display when you had clicked on 'Resolved' under Tickets in bottom left)
  • If an agent didn't belong to all permissions group they were getting a 'Select Brand pop up' that was an error when there was only one brand
  • Error with Google oauth login after 5.2 update: Exception: 0 Call to a member function getAttributes() on array
  • Fixed possible logged warning when an invalid filename is uploaded
  • Issue where going to /admin/start (post new install) was broken
  • Usersource 'Login Actions' is blank on new usersource form (if form is submitted a server error occurred)
  • You can now localize the 'Start a Conversation' phrase on the proactive chat widgt from Admin > Chat > Site Widget & Chat
  • Labels applied by automations decapitalize the label text
  • Creating a new user as an agent bypassed validation on fields that were marked 'agent must provide value'
  • Ticket form widget was not displaying correct departments for some users
  • Fixes to use of chat widget on mobile devices. User experience should be improved.
  • Banned email addresses will not appear in list of options when forwarding a message out of the helpdesk


If you are using DeskPRO Cloud, we will roll out this update to your helpdesk soon.


If you are using DeskPRO On-Premise, you can update your helpdesk to the latest version from your admin interface.

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