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marrask. 22 2017

Deskpro 5.12.1 Release

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We’re delighted to announce the release of Deskpro 5.12.1


Deskpro 5.12.1 includes a range of general bug fixes and improvements to our new beta features. We have also bundled in some API advancements.

General Fixes and Improvements:


- Fixed memory exhaustion errors related to CSV Imports

- Keyboard shortcuts no longer incorrectly being triggered when in internal agent IM window

- Bug fixes to current reporting system which caused issues cloning or creating current reports

- Banned/disabled users could still access portal - these are now shown a denied entry error

- Timestamps on knowledgebase articles now show the date they were last updated.

- Improved quality of error reporting regarding email accounts running on Exchange Web Services

- Improved interface performance when working on a helpdesk view with a lot of custom ticket filters


New feature improvements:


- Resolved bug where our new Guides system appeared blank if the helpdesk was configured in one single language

- Improvement to new Follow Ups feature to improve macro handling in follow up tasks.




- Trouble sending certain arrays of data through the API Sandbox resolved

- Fixed calls to the user_groups table through the V2 AP

- General improvements to API and Twig (email/portal template) behaviour

- Added following API calls to V2 to retrieve attachments:

    - GET /tickets/{id}/attachments

    - GET /tickets/{id}/messages/{mid}/attachments



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