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Deskpro 2018.2 Release - Uutiset / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

heinäk. 18 2018

Deskpro 2018.2 Release

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We’re delighted to announce the release of Deskpro 2018.2

Deskpro 2018.2 includes the updates, improvements, and bug fixes listed below:

New Reports:

  • DP-2054     Error displayed when trying to add report widgets via a limited-permission agent account.
  • DP-2053     Double clicking on a custom dashboard causes the report interface to bug/blank out, and you must refresh/re-click other tabls.
  • DP-2049     Sporadically when changing the variable field type in the stat builder, the change is not retained and the builder bugs out.
  • DP-2047     Multiple issues with the stat "Avg time till first response". Hierarchy for sub-departments not shown properly. Column headings were missing. Values were not represented as rounded decimal values, but fractions.
  • DP-2040     When creating new custom report dashboard, interface will result in an error when checking "All Agents View"
  • DP-2039     Not possible to create or save additional labels for built-in reports
  • DP-2032     Could not save a report in RAW DPQL editor when there was both a Order By and Report By
  • DP-2031     Stat builder seems to bug out when saving a custom stat with a REGEXP query.
  • DP-2030     Using any custom field alias does not work unless referencing the tickets table.
  • DP-2029     Cloning a stat, modifying it then saving it will cause the page to hang
  • DP-2010     Error when using a timezone behind GMT (negative offset)
  • DP-2002     Error exporting certain CSV files
  • DP-1990     Dashboards not always retaining modifications to widget layouts
  • DP-1986     When creating a new stat in the Stat Builder, "New Stat" replaced incorrect previous "New Report" terminology
  • DP-1976     Additional unwanted HTML rendered when splitting by "Agent Name"
  • DP-1963     Remove notification warning users about imminent decommissioning of legacy reporting
  • DP-1924     Unable to clone LAYERED reports
  • DP-1912    Reports V2 GUI: Layering two reports as a line graph displays one data output as an area graph
  • DP-1904     Clickable output in tables
  • DP-1863     Improvement to how different timezone intervals are handled in calculations
  • DP-1562     Special public URL with long authcode to view dashboards of external devices


  • DP-1973    API v2: Add an is_disabled parameter for PUT to enable/disable users accounts
  • DP-1932    API V2: Add a date_created parameter POST /api/v2/tickets
  • DP-1918    API V2: Add a brand parameter POST /api/v2/tickets

General fixes and improvements:

  • DP-984    Inline embedded (pasted) images are not attached to emails
  • DP-2061    Enable cloud HTTPS on all custom URLs and enable auto-correction.
  • DP-2058    IMAP connections without SSL/TLS security connections will fail by default
  • DP-2057    Unable to reorder reports within a dashboard, while editing dashboard properties
  • DP-2043    Unable to attach any files to news articles, no attachment feature post creation or article.
  • DP-2025    Add setting a flag for particular specific agents, instead of all or none.
  • DP-2013    Certain Deskpro user sources appearing as "Disabled" entirely, preventing the registration of new users
  • DP-2003    Licensing issues caused by bulk importing agents at once
  • DP-1996    Unregistered users email address is exposed if you attempt to access a follow and incorrect URL to that users ticket
  • DP-1975    Refreshing the page after updating priority in a ticket is resetting the custom organisation field value
  • DP-1970    When an Agents permissions for a chat department are toggled off, the Agent can still see 'Missed Chats' titles for that Department in the list
  • DP-1964    Adding multiple followers to new tickets does not work and ticket notification emails are not sent to followers
  • DP-1961    Fixes to decoded filenames in email attachments
  • DP-1958    Unable to 'delete and update people' for custom user fields when the field is being applied to a user profile
  • DP-1940    Deleting a ticket will now purge messages from the incoming server log
  • DP-1937    Database Integrity Fix Problem: "Fix-schema: Unknown database type enum requested.
  • DP-1923    FineDiff should be installed with composer to improve content revision comparison
  • DP-1922    Further errors resolved with the database integrity fixes.
  • DP-1917    When a CRM user is created through AD, it will not assign the user to custom brands
  • DP-1905    Multi-brand to email settings - Setting a default from name heaader for system generated mail
  • DP-1899    Apps installer fails if server is missing ZipArchive
  • DP-1892    Set languageID in widget code to currently selected language in portal.
  • DP-1879    Validation 'Verify your email' is displayed to User submitting ticket even if 'Agent' has confirmed User manually
  • DP-1812    Fix image alignment in knowledge base articles
  • DP-1800    Error in New Email Templates - agents not receiving notifications of new trigger creation
  • DP-1785    Code blocks (<pre> tags) causing corruption in ticket emails
  • DP-1778    Improvements to realtime events when using the "Deskpro Notification Service" feature.
  • DP-150    Issue with communicating between two helpdesks, tickets not routing back into eachother.
  • DP-1453    When creating a new ticket as an agent, changing the default brand does not automatically update the ticket properties to match the department
  • DP-2084   When creating a linked ticket, the parent tickets subject line should be copied into the new child ticket. 

New functions:

  • DP-2016    Under Admin > Emails> Email Accounts > Advanced Settings > Disable attachment permalink list at the bottom of email message text - hide all attachment links in agent replies.
  • DP-1954    Add checkbox to Auth & SSO > AD/LDAP to disable the ability to sync user profiles.
  • DP-1952    Hovering over a ticket ID brings up an icon on the right to copy an internal link to the ticket
  • DP-1942    Within the ticket messages view, "Download Original Email" and (delete permissions required) "Delete Original Email"

Thanks for reading

If you are using Deskpro Cloud, we will be releasing this update shortly to you.

If you are using Deskpro On-Premise, you can update your helpdesk to the latest version from your Admin Interface.

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