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Add Markdown support for Knowledge Base articles - Feature Request - Deskpro Support

Deskpro has very inconsistent support for authoring good looking techincal content across the various parts of the product:

- Guides: Markdown is supported. Yay!
- Ticket workflows: C+: Markdown isn't supported, but at least the "code block" icon actually uses a mono-spaced font, and block looks visually different.
- Knowledge Base articles: D-: All authored content looks awful. No mono-spaced fonts are supported, and the "code" style is a weird UI beast that strips out newlines from selected text. WTH?

Using software elicits one of two possible emotions: Joy or rage.

I can't get my technical knowledge base articles to look like anything approaching a competent professional document that another coder would say "Yeah, it looks like Doug knows what he is doing".

KB-authoring within Deskpro is such a step backward compared to other tech writing that I do for my job that I have stopped trying to use Deskpro. The KB-authoring (and reading) experience is that awful and infuriating.

The Deskpro KB authoring does not let me do my job of effectively demonstrating technical content (code snippets and API examples) to my technical customers. All the workarounds we have to go through just make me sad and cause inconvenience to my customers.

Please make code blocks work properly in KB articles.

Please add a monospaced font so that code will look like code!

Jetbrains Mono is an excellent and free choice:

And please support Markdown content like the rest of the internet. This problem was solved by others a long time ago.

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Theresa Harbor
Our company thinks that both the knowledgebase articles and the guide topics should have the same robust RTF toolbars, not different ones. They should be combined so that both articles and topics can have the same features - HTML access, Markdown support, link support, notes/warnings, etc.

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