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ene 18 2023

Deskpro Horizon Release 2023.3

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We are thrilled to release Deskpro Horizon 2023.3.1. This announcement includes an exciting new feature our team has developed to improve how agent time is managed in the helpdesk.

This release also includes several new and upgraded features to enhance your helpdesk; to learn more about our latest features, improvements, and bug fixes, check out the full release notes below.

New Features

These are the newest features our team has created, which enhance helpdesk management and provide additional control to Deskpro Admins.

✨ Introducing the new Shifts feature

Our new feature, Shifts, helps Admins streamline the management of Agents’ work status (SC 95274). We have created the concept of work status for Agents, which gives greater control over ticket assignments based on agent availability.

Shifts Release Notes.pngAdmins create Shift Patterns, which set an Agent’s work status. The Shifts Agents are assigned to can interact with Round Robins to route tickets automatically based on an Agent’s working or online status. When an Agent’s shift ends, they are no longer in Working status, so tickets will stop being assigned to them, and their Chat and Voice status will be switched to offline.

Round Robin Shifts Release.pngWe created Shifts to provide a more efficient and streamlined approach to managing Agent availability. We wanted to add a practical feature to make the transition between agents’ working hours seamless for helpdesks whose teams work specific shifts.

✨ We created a Help Center Subscription App so that Agents can subscribe Users to Help Center content.

Agents can now subscribe Users to Help Center content, including News Posts, Knowledgebase Articles, Guides, Files, and Community Topics (SC 96548).

Subscribe Users.pngJust hover over the Subscribed Users section in the Publish properties section of the helpdesk and select the expand icon. This will open the Subscriptions App, and Agents can add Users to the subscriber list.

✨ We upgraded some of the Deskpro Apps to enhance their functionality(SC 98620):

  • HubSpot: When logging calls and emails in the Activity Form, the time will default to the current date and time.

  • Salesforce: We have added the ability to create opportunities from Deskpro.

  • GitLab: We have improved the authorization setup of the GitLab app, which will now require API scope to be permitted in GitLab.

Latest Improvements

💅 We have updated the style of the tooltips in Product to align them with the other UI improvements we have been making (SC 95629).

Tooltip Update.png💅 When you clear a search, in different search bars across the interface, the cursor will now automatically refocus on the search bar making it easier to begin searching again (SC 95799).

💅 We have improved the UI of Usergroups on User Profiles by changing them to checkboxes, so when you’re looking at a User Profile in the CRM it is more obvious which usergroups they are a member of and which can be edited, i.e. Registered will be greyed out as all Users are members of the Registered Usergroup and this cannot be removed.

Usergroups Improvement.pngWe have also added tooltips to clarify whether they are a member of a Usergroup themselves, or have inherited the Usergroup from their Organization (SC 81452).

💅 We improved the UI of the Navigation Panel so that the grouping for Queues and sub-statuses is more intuitive, some of the improvements include: (SC 95466).

  • Adding in grouping by status, sub-status, and the combination of the two.

  • Making sub-grouping options indented when listed in the Navigation to make it clearer that it is a sub-group.

  • Added an option to group by SLA, not just SLA status.

  • We improved the ordering of date groups so they will appear chronologically not alphabetically.

💅 We updated the edit ticket user button by adding an icon to make it more obvious where to click to change the user on a ticket (SC 93163).

💅 We improved the behavior of sorting ticket lists by urgency, so it will take into account open tickets in Awaiting User to not disrupt the order (SC 97396).

Bug Fixes

🐛 We fixed an error that occurred when saving ticket forms with choice field criteria (SC 97648).

🐛 We fixed several issues with the Reporting interface (SC 92458):

  • Removed some legacy DPQL that stopped reports from being created.

  • Fixed an issue where Pie Chart labels would get cut off in the widget.

  • We fixed a bug where a specific stat wouldn’t return data unless grouped.

🐛 Fixed an issue where links in Emails wouldn’t take Agents to the correct page if they had SSO set up (SC 67644).

🐛 We deleted an old HipChat trigger action (SC 91989).

🐛 We have resolved issues translating the available custom phrases in Agent UI so they will now update to match the selected language (SC 96700).

🐛 We have fixed an issue with the version history feature for Help Center items where versions would duplicate if restored (SC 65739).

🐛 We have restored the ability to search the sub-values of custom fields when adding them to a ticket (SC 93074).

🐛 We restored the functionality of the built-in language sync feature, so that mass language updates will update in line with language updates (SC 96330).

On-Premise Controller Release 2.0.51

We are pleased to announce the latest release of the On-Premise Controller which includes a number of bug fixes to improve the functionality of the OPC.

Bug Fixes

🐛 We now include a restart policy for instance containers in the event they stop because of an error (SC 98427).

🐛 Support MySQL sockets when importing from V5 instances (SC 98044).

🐛 Perform a backup copy option when moving attachments if the first method fails due to differing file systems (SC 97854).

🐛 Fix X-Forwarded-* headers for proxy use (SC 98501).

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