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Deskpro Horizon Release 2022.32.0 - Noticias / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

ago 9 2022

Deskpro Horizon Release 2022.32.0

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We’re pleased to announce the release of Deskpro Horizon, version 2022.32.0. This release includes several new features that our team has been developing, general improvements to the product functionality and interface, and a number of bug fixes.

New features we’ve created

💫 Email Two-Factor Authentication can now be enabled for all users (SC 82742).

Improvements we have made

💅 We have added the required asterisks onto single checkbox fields when they are a required field on the Help Center form (SC 81924).

💅 The UI of the Admin Voice Auto-Attendant page has been improved to remove number columns (SC 65771).

💅 Agents will now be prompted to fill in mandatory resolved custom fields at the point of submitting an Email, Note, SMS, or WhatsApp message (SC 80643).

💅 We have improved the admin interface for setting which agents have access to use installed Apps & Widgets. Now when a permission group has access to the app, agents in that group are marked as having access automatically (SC 76042).

💅 The drag and drop functionality for Admin tables has been improved (SC 78818).

💅 We have made some improvements to the Approval Templates drawer to make validations clear (SC 46247).

💅 We’ve improved the visibility of the Knowledgebase Articles views list (SC 71997).

💅 We’ve improved the ticket column in Admin for small screen sizes (SC 77110).

💅 We have added validators for Article titles and content (SC 78411).

💅 We have improved the handling of ‘IS NOT’ queue queries to return tickets that have no value set. For example, if a queue query is “Ticket Label | IS NOT | high priority”. Tickets with labels that are not “high priority” and tickets with no labels will show in the queue (SC 80630).

Bugs that have been fixed in this release

🐛 We have fixed custom field criteria for radio button select fields, which now allow for the conditional rendering of other fields based on the criteria set in admin (SC 81437).

🐛 All CRM Auth sources will now be allowed to be disabled, and if none are enabled you will be able to remove the toggle lock to enable a new CRM Auth (SC 82817).

🐛 We found and fixed a Stat Builder regression before it hit production (SC 82813).

🐛 We have fixed the language dropdown when creating Snippets in Admin (SC 82647).

🐛 When using the rule builder to define settings for a trigger, queue, etc, ‘Add Labels’ will no longer cause it to reload (SC 80489).

🐛 We fixed the tab selector on the Twitter accounts drawer in Admin (SC 80648).

🐛 Clicking on the carets on the Navigation panel will now open the dropdowns (SC 82447).

🐛 We fixed an issue where Article translations were causing an internal server error (SC 80191).

🐛 We fixed sort, view, and grouping preferences, so they will now be preserved across sessions for queues and lists (SC 79296).

🐛 We have resolved issues with creating a Meta App after failed validation (SC 82548).

🐛 We’ve updated the custom domain link in the branding drawer (SC 80527).

🐛 We fixed the error that was occurring when submitting a ticket with no message (SC 82399).

🐛 We have resolved issues displaying a User’s name when no primary email is set in Admin Channel Logs (SC 82220).

🐛 We have fixed the custom field URL validation for allowing files and network links (SC 82107).

🐛 We fixed the issue where label counts in the CRM weren’t updating automatically (SC 81912).

🐛 Admins will now be able to Delete Customization for Help Center Template (SC 82080).

🐛 The + New button in the header bar will now respect an Agent’s permissions to add organizations and Help Center items (SC 81810).

🐛 We fixed a missing legacy extension in the content editor (SC 81417).

🐛 We fixed the issue where attachments were missing when a message was forwarded as a new ticket (SC 81626).

🐛 We fixed a loading error that was caused by dashboard permissions (SC 69848).

🐛 We fixed an issue where images turned into HTML Blocks on new Help Center content (SC 81252).

🐛 We have fixed a bug with the Stat Builder where duplication was stopping the original stat from showing (SC 81818).

🐛 Fixed the bug that incorrectly displayed the agent’s name in a Report variable rather than the customers’ name (SC 80810).

🐛 Email attachment extension settings will now respect allowed or disallowed settings (SC 81789).

🐛 We fixed an issue where agents were getting notifications for disabled queues (SC 79387).

🐛 We have de-duplicated search results with search words on the Help Center (SC79781).

🐛 We have added an ID link request to the API log details drawer (SC 79491).

On-Premise Controller Release 2.0.29

We’re also announcing the latest version of the OPC, version 2.0.29 which has added a new feature to instance imports.

Our new OPC feature

💫 We have implemented a method of importing an instance to accept encrypted database and attachments network streams (SC 80700).

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