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DeskPRO Build #5.2 Released - Noticias / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

dic 7 2016

DeskPRO Build #5.2 Released

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New Features and Additions

  • New Header and App Bar- please see this post for more information.
  • Extension of Audit Logs - information here.
  • Extension of Authentication Options -more information here. 
  • Setting to disable email preview text- more information here.



  • Portal Performance (faster loading times)
  • Email Gateway: Better handling of multipart/report
  • Audit logs have been moved to Agent section: Now accessible to Cloud users
  • On-Premise version of Hipchat now supported
  • Option to skip cert verification for IMAP/POP3
  • Revert button added to Portal Editor > CSS > Edit Main CSS
  • Error message added for when you add a new agent email with a deleted agents email address
  • Changed colour of agent/admin text in portal header to stand out more
  • Appearance of favicon on high resolution screens improved
  • Improved email tracking codes in headers
  • Improved audit logging on filters, escalations, triggers, SLAs and macros


Admin Interface

  • Inability to save API key in admin
  • Adding/editing new email accounts disturbed order of triggers
  • Agent override name was not appearing in forwarded out messages
  • Issue with round robin- agent being assigned in full log but not in actual assignment
  • Issue with agent avatar preview
  • Added the ability to change the name of 'Default' brand
  • Issue with creating some filters from the Admin Interface
  • Issue with editing English UK language pack
  • No option for 'none' when selecting default departments
  • Update to reset admin password emails for On-Premise users
  • Automation action 'Send specific user email' always used primary email address
  • Custom HTTP headers not being sent in webhook triggers
  • Error sending mail via default PHP mail
  • Error parsing postcode field in CRM CSV import
  • Adding a new multibrand URL needs to add the brand to the cloud account mapping (Cloud customers- will link your portals correctly now)
  • Action codes now strip punctuation before doing comparisons
  • Fixed pagination on Admin > Incidents. Fixes issues with loading incidents list if there were many incidents
  • UI issue with 'User' criteria in triggers- adding a user was disappearing in UI

Agent Interface

  • Issue with Microsoft Translator not working
  • Signature mutation when changing between message and note in new ticket
  • Validate permission for agents who need approval to publish content has been restored (agents with correct permissions approve before content is published)
  • Issue with Problems and Incident count disappearing after upgrade to v5.1.4
  • Inability to delete knowledgebase categories
  • Rendering issue of helpdesk logo on login page
  • Error moving published articles to draft status
  • Glossary words were not being added
  • Inability to create a macro with an action to set agent team to 'None'
  • Usergroups not saving for users/organizations when editing in agent interface
  • Predefined usergroups (e.g Everyone) showing in agent interface on user profiles when they shouldn't be
  • Ability to create 'blank' labels
  • Flashes on filters - real time updates flashing every reload
  • "There was a problem loading some elements on this tab" error
  • Inability to approve, delete, edit commentes in 'Publish' and 'Feedback'
  • Agents now ordered alphabetically instead of by date created (ticket assignment, filtering)
  • Error messages around enforcing email bans (agent and user portal error messages)
  • CAPTCHA on agent login screen would fail to load if DeskPRO was installed into a sub-direcotry
  • Changes to user profiles would not always update the Change Log tab in the user profile
  • Fixed cases where resolved/replies tickets would not get removed from ticket list in real time
  • SLA counters are cached for larger helpdesk to reduce load on the database
  • Elastic search issue- incorrect matching with words e.g legtime would match legacy
  • Problems and Incidents now added to full log of a ticket
  • Trigger actions that add tasks did not add this to the full log

User Portal

  • Issue where agent notes were displaying in 'Media List' in user portal fixed
  • Portal no longer allows replies to archived tickets
  • Issue with custom user field that is marked agent only displaying on user form
  • Missing icon on 'Message Sent' screen in user portal
  • Issue with department/field names that had the same name not appearing on user contact form
  • Reference column in user portal > tickets shouldn't be wrapped
  • Ability to CC users who don't exist
  • Added setting to turn chat widget on/off for just the user portal
  • Agent can now reset password when portal is disabled
  • Improved 'file is too large' error on user portal (ticket form)
  • Error messages around enforcing email bans (agent and user portal error messages)

Chat Widget 

  • Chat widget now displays chat departments
  • Emoticons in chat widget were broken
  • In Firefox chat widget wasn't scrolling up to show latest user message
  • In Firefox chat widget was freezing intermittently not allowing user to type
  • RTL (right to left for Arabic and Persian language packs) was not supported in user facing chat widget
  • URL that showed what page a user was viewing on live chat restored
  • Sort tickets option appeared on chats-sort live chats by date now (on user profile)
  • Instructions on how to install the chat widget in different CMS systems added

Integrations & Apps

  • Magento Integration error (PHP erros on DeskPRO side)
  • Fixed posting JIRA comments for some users
  • Actice Directory test throwing an error
  • Fixes to the Kayako importer errors
  • Admin > Apps now load app resources (e.g JS setup controller) over relative links
  • Usersource syncing deleting/re-inserting phone numbers-caused a lot of audit log entries
  • License error when 'auto-add agent' option enabled in a usersource


  • API logging not saving
  • Possible MYSQL error to do with API logging exceeding max allowed packet size
  • Legacy API: Superuser can't delete task
  • Legacy API returning IDs as strings
  • Fix mobile app login forcing an email address input (ie. would prevent AD/LDAP usernames)
  • Department triggers did not get applied for new tickets created via the API in the user context


  • Possible logged warning 'system alerts log processing was terminated'
  • Database backups larger that 2GB being reported as 'failed' on 32bit systems
  • Error: SessionHandler::read(): open(C:/DeskPRO/DeskPRO/var/kernel_cache/17655/prod/sessions/sess_gq6c33uup4ichs4grhfmhm7k70, O_RDWR) failed: Permission denied (13)
  • Unhandled PHP exception getting added to logs (On-Premise users)
  • Fix database backup command (used during upgrades) on Windows when the password contains a % symbol
  • Exception: 0 Argument 1 passed to Elastica\Query\Term::_construct() must be of the type array, string given


If you are using DeskPRO Cloud, we will roll out this update to your helpdesk soon.


If you are using DeskPRO On-Premise, you can update your helpdesk to the latest version from your admin interface.

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