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Customising colour of charts on report custom dashboards

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Colour customisation can be done on all types of charts in the Custom Dashboards following the the steps below. 

Note: this customisation can only be done on charts in the Custom Dashboards, not the Built-in dashboards.

1. Select a Custom Dashboard.

2. Select Dashboard Layout

3. Hover over the title of your widget on the top left-hand corner and select 'Edit Widget'.

4.  A pop-up window will appear. Under Widget Options, you can put in the code you would like to change the colour to.  

The format is written as:


The #COLOURCODE will be where you insert the hex colour code.  Each colour is associated with a code. At the end of this article is a list of common colour codes that are used. 

In this example, to change the colour from blue to orange, the code below would be entered: 


5. Click Save Changes. The graph will be automatically updated as shown:

If you have more than one type of colour you would like to change, here is an example of how to change it. In this example, we will change the colour of the bar chart from blue and yellow to orange and green. 

Repeat Steps 1 to 3 from above, in Step 4, the format below is used: 

{"colors":["#COLOURCODE1", "#COLOURCODE2"]}

In this example, it will be written as:

{"colors":["#FF6600", "#008000 "]}

Click on Save Changes, and the result can be automatically seen on the Dashboard.

If there is more than two colours in the graph, the same format would be used, with a comma separating each colour code.

Here is a list of colour codes which could be useful to use:

HTML code

If you would like other colour options, a range of colour codes can be found here.

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