Preventing certain files from being replaced during an automatic update

The automatic updater will replace source files in the Deskpro directory with new ones. In some rare cases, you might not want the updater to replace a file. For example, perhaps you've manually edited a file and don't want to lose your changes. The most common case for this is edits made to the .htaccess file to modify the base path.


Create config.upgrade.php file

Just create a new file in the root of Deskpro called config.upgrade.php and inside, give it the following contents:

<?php return array('file_upgrade_exclude' => array('/.htaccess'));


Note that this should not be closed with ?> at the end.

Inside the array, list paths to files you don't want the upgrader to replace. In the example above, we only list a single file, the .htaccess file.

Remember to manually check any files you exclude for updates. Since Deskpro won't update them for you, you will need to keep track of changes yourself.

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