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DeskPRO Build #5.5 Released - News / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

Mar 13 2017

DeskPRO Build #5.5 Released

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Release version #5.5

We are excited to release a new version of DeskPRO which has a number of new features, bug fixes and improvements. 


  • Added the ability to filter the reports dashboard by team- more info here
  • Ability to extract Zip (gzip/tar) files and download specific files only- more info here
  • Added Hijri calendar (Arabic) for custom date fields- more info here
  • Added option to disable CSP headers (On-Premise helpdesks)- more info here
  • Added ability to disable certificate validation for SMTP outgoing email settings- more info here


  • We have added a number of performance improvements:

          1.  Reduced memory usage on busy helpdesks and/or when DeskPRO is open for long periods of time

          2. Overall performance improvements (e.g. opening tickets, closing tickets, switching between tabs)

  • Added new APIs for the chat widget
  • Added agent shortcut URLs for perma-linking to tickets, chats, users, organizations and content



  • Number of connected agents on live chat were not linking correctly with chat departments by brand
  • Under Admin > Site Widget & Chat Settings > Chat Settings, usergroup permissions were not allowing you to select custom usergroups
  • Ability to delete chat transcripts from the agent interface has been added
  • Issue with reopening a chat resolved - could not reopen after ending
  • Improvements made to using chat on landscape mode on mobile devices
  • Disabling the user portal made removed ability to use chat widget on external sites
  • Left edge of proactive chat widget pop up was missing
  • Chat was only working if 'Ask for more information before chat commences' was turned on
  • IP ban on live chat was not working
  • Missing translations in chat widget fixed
  • If you view a chat as an agent but don't join, incorrect notification messages were appearing e.g 'Agent X joined/left the chat'


  • When viewing an agent an error will display if they have access to 'Can create new tickets' but do not have access to any departments
  • New department or email account was showing a warning that triggers were disabled (when they were not)
  • You could not create automations or filters based on child fields
  • Lockout time for ticket 'lock' feature was not displaying options 
  • CSV import timeout error 
  • Audit logs added to track when an agent is deleted and turned into a user
  • If users names are not provided in a CSV import, create based on their email addresses
  • When you add a new brand it was automatically adding it to all departments
  • Email templates were not picking up when portal was disabled and hiding the links to portals accordingly
  • Notice added to department and email account secions when trigger groups are disabled
  • CRM CSV importer was not importing/ mapping phone numbers


  • When creating News/Knowledgebase articles with the status Unpublished, an automatic publish date was being added for the same day
  • Waiting time grouping for tickets was incorrect for >6 month category
  • @mention notifications are always accessible to agents even when setting to prevent notification changes is turned on in Admin
  • Creating linked tickets was not bringing across the first user message
  • Time Log and Billiing issue with the Dutch language pack- minutes and seconds charges were not saving
  • Custom user fields were not appearing on agent ticket properties form in some cases
  • Could not edit per org custom fields on agent ticket layout using click-to-edit
  • When tasks have a long title, gets wrapped and hard to see all of the text - you can now hover over it to see full text
  • Mass actions were remaining selected
  • Issue with browser notifcations appearing in language set of other agents
  • Improvements to agent reset password permalink
  • Ticket date field before 2002 will not allow ticket resolution
  • Snippet shortcut codes not working in agent interface for mass actions

User Interface

  • Prevented bots from clicking vote buttons on content
  • Search from the search box in 'Tickets' was not returning results by ID or REF code
  • Calendar widget was not working in ticket edit mode in the user portal
  • Downloads file type was lost after the latest version
  • Fixed poor perfromance on ticket list on some large helpdesks
  • Sidebar with disabled news caused portal to fail to render
  • Upload picture phrase from 'Your Account' was missing
  • Counts of knowledgebase articles for the first category were displaying incorrect counts
  • Contact form submission error 'expired' on intranet account

Usersource, Apps & API

  • API login does not enforce rate limits
  • Inability to create organization properties tab via Widget creator
  • Usersource syncing was broken - Active Directory
  • Fixes to the Magento app
  • SAML auth with Azure and Office365 were not working
  • Usersource login action to add label was failing with duplicate error
  • Updating organization data was failing on 'Phone Number' and 'Country'
  • Issue with SSO not taking you to the last page you were on
  • Creating a ticket through API v2 was not adding SLAs automatically

On-Premise Errors 

  • File integrity check was failing on last build 
  • DBVerify was failing with a negative file size
  • Logging warning when cleanup was failing on cron
  • Exception: 0 An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template
  • A non-numeric value encountered
  • Maximum execution time of 40 seconds exceeded
  • Admin > Server > Incidents > View Incident was returning HTTP 500 errors

If you are using DeskPRO Cloud, we will roll out this update to your helpdesk soon.

If you are using DeskPRO On-Premise, you can update your helpdesk to the latest version from your admin interface.

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