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Add notification number to browser tab - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Add notification number to browser tab Finished

I've noticed in my browser I have a bunch of tabs open. On the Gmail tab, it has a little badge and it shows how many unread emails I have. I have no idea how this is implemented, but it would be great to be able to choose to show number of tickets in either 'My Tickets' or 'All Tickets' (or any other folder) that are set to 'Awaiting Agent' so I can glance at my tabs and see there are tickets waiting to be handled.

Comments (4)

Chris Padfield
We use this favicon count functionality to show how many notifications there have been. We generally think this is more useful than just a count of open tickets as it shows new activity since you last looked at the tab.
Brian Peat
I had disabled browser notifications for ALL tickets, so nothing has been on that tab for a while. I just turned it back on but I'll have to wait until a ticket comes in before I know for sure if that triggers it. If not, am I missing a setting somewhere that will put that on the favicon?
Chris Padfield
You might need to refresh your browser; but yes - when you get the next notification it will work.
sure it will work if refresh the browser