Unable to send ticket when dragging and dropping an attachment from within another ticket Collecting Feedback

Dragging and dropping an attachment from within a ticket to a reply (same ticket) renders the 'Send reply' button functionless. This is independent of having text in the reply box or not. If I then switch to the 'Forward' tab and back again the button is active but the attachment is gone. It works for notes though.

If I try to attach a file that is not within the set limits I get the message that the file is too big. However this also renders the "Send reply" button functionless. Moreover a ghost attachment is shown (paper clip + message that the file is too big) but there is no way to discard this "attachment" (see attached screenshot).

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Mikkel Dall
Hi Philipp

We have the same problem and have also reported this as a bug to DeskPro. Hope they will fix this soon.
It seems to me that a workaround is to refresh the browser when you have the ticket open. Then the 'Send reply' button turns active again and the ticket message and attachment can be send.

Best regards

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