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Ticket User / CC Fields for User with Multiple E-Mails Issue - Community / Bug Report - Deskpro Support


Ticket User / CC Fields for User with Multiple E-Mails Issue Finished

Let's say you have a user with multiple e-mail addresses. When you go and create a ticket, you select a user and if they have multiple e-mail addresses you can select the correct one for the ticket. However, if you add this CRM user as a CC, you never get that option? Would it be possible that when the user is added as a CC the system is able to allow you to choose the e-mail address for that ticket they will be notified about? Why does it only give you the option for the main User Field and not the CC Field. Sometimes we want another user to be the "default", shouldn't it give you the same option regardless of which field you are using?

Official response

Lara Proud

Hi Rudy, this was a great suggestion. We have implemented this to give you the choice of which email address to add as the CC for a user. When you add a User to a ticket as a CC, you can search for them their primary email address will still be the default option. However, if the User has more than one email address an arrow will be displayed at the end of their name, click this arrow and select which email you want from the dropdown menu.