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maj 21 2014

New Admin Interface

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Our goal as we develop DeskPRO is to make it powerful, but simple.

We've put a lot of work into making the interface for agents easy and pleasant to use, and now we've completely overhauled the admin interface to meet the same standards.

Admin now looks more like the agent interface, but this isn't just a cosmetic change. Here's a guide to the many new features we've added.


IMPORTANT: If you are an existing DeskPRO Download user, be sure to read through our detailed Upgrade Guide at

This document contains important information about some backwards-incompatible changes. You may be required to manually re-configure some parts of your helpdesk.

Please perform a test upgrade BEFORE running the upgrade on your live site! This is a VERY BIG update and things may break or need to be reconfigured. Performing a test update will ensure there are no surprises.
If you're a Cloud user, you do not need to worry about this, as we will handle the changes as we upgrade your helpdesk.


See the big picture

A new Home page gives you a better overview of the helpdesk, and alerts you to problems that need your attention.


Better navigation

We've reorganized admin to make it easier to find the settings you want.

We've introduced a vertical side-bar as in the agent interface, and vague categories like "Integrate" from the old admin have been broken up into more descriptive sections.


Faster, slicker, more reliable

The modernized admin interface is richer and easier to use, with neat touches like notifications to confirm your changes are saved.

The improvements extend beyond the interface: we've also improved reliability and performance behind the scenes.


Easier department access control

You may already use DeskPRO's powerful departments feature to control which parts of your helpdesk agents can access. We've made administering this much easier: you can now control agent access to departments using permission groups, instead of having to change it agent by agent.


Manage macros

We've added the ability to manage macros from the admin interface. Now you can easily view all the macros your agents have created, edit them, and create new ones to speed up the work of individual agents or the whole helpdesk.


Keep track of admin changes

We've added an audit log which stores a record of all admin activity. If your helpdesk configuration changes, you will always be able to find out who made the change, and when.


Embedded help means no more puzzles

We've added in-line help throughout the admin interface. You can pull down an overview of each DeskPRO feature right from its settings page, with FAQs and links to relevant articles in our knowledgebase.

If you still need more information, there's a brand-new DeskPRO admin manual that explains all your options in detail, and walks you through installing, configuring and upgrading your helpdesk.


Easy custom ticket forms

In the old DeskPRO, you can customize your ticket submission forms, even have different forms for sales enquiries and support requests, but we felt it wasn't easy enough.

In the new admin interface, we've added drag & drop editing of form layouts from the departments settings screen - no more need for a separate Layout Editor. It's easier to see exactly which fields are being used.


Custom user fields where you want them

You can now add custom user fields to ticket forms. You can make sure important user information, like the user's account number, is on every ticket. And since it's stored in DeskPRO's user record, the user only has to enter it once.

Refer to our Knowledgebase article for detailed information about adding user fields to your ticket forms: Adding custom user fields to ticket forms.

We've also added the ability to reorder custom user fields by simply dragging & dropping. This sets how they are shown to both agents and users.


Clone your agents

DeskPRO gives you powerful control over agent accounts. But that means a lot of settings for each agent: zone access, permissions, notification preferences, teams...

To speed things up, you can now copy settings from other agents.

If you don't want to make an exact clone, you can choose which settings to copy:


Triggers: easier to use and more powerful

The triggers system to help you automate the helpdesk has been revamped: you can do more with triggers, and it's easier to set them up thanks to a reorganized interface.


Make triggers run exactly when you want

In the old admin interface, the system for setting criteria for when a trigger runs is limited. You can have a group of conditions which all have to be met, and a group of conditions any of which can make the trigger run.

The new triggers interface lets you combine unlimited sets of criteria in a more flexible way, so you have the power to make triggers do exactly what you want.


Use one trigger in different contexts

In the old admin interface, you have to create separate triggers for users and agents and for tickets submitted from different places. So if you want a trigger that applies to both email and web tickets, you have to duplicate it:

With the new interface, you can define a trigger and apply it to users and agents alike, and choose exactly when it is activated.


Edit every automatic process as a trigger

You've always been able to change default DeskPRO processes like agent notifications or user emails, but it wasn't always easy to understand.

Now all the built-in behaviors can be edited just like any other trigger, allowing deep customization of all your helpdesk's automated processes.


IMAP and Exchange support for email

DeskPRO Download now supports IMAP and Microsoft Exchange email servers.

You can choose to take ticket emails from a specific folder instead of the inbox, and move messages to a folder after they've been processed.


Better ticket logging

We've improved the level of detail shown when you view the log for a ticket.

If you need to troubleshoot how a trigger worked, you can now see every change in the order it happened, along with exactly which trigger did what. You can also see the From name, email address and template used for each outgoing email.


Set password policies

You can now set password policies for agents and users to enforce better security practices, including requiring more complex passwords and regular changes.


Apps: easier extension and integration

We've unified the previous systems of plugins, widgets and user sources into the new Apps page.

All the ways to extend your helpdesk's functionality or integrate it with third-party services are now managed as apps. User sources are now authentication apps.


We still offer the same integration with popular services like Highrise, HipChat, Salesforce and over a dozen more.

We've also added JIRA integration to let you link DeskPRO tickets with tickets in Atlassian JIRA.

You can extend DeskPRO with simple Javascript/HTML widgets, or upload your own full apps written with the DeskPRO API.


Forwarding ticket messages refined

We've improved the way that agents forward individual messages from a ticket as emails.

You can now select which account to use to send the message, and you can choose to put the agent's email address in the From: field.



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Comments (3)

What an amazing update. Thank you for the hard work guys.
Timo Heil
Which version exactly introduces the new Admin interface? I'm using #321 (download) but see the old interface.
Ben Henley
This was introduced in version 327.

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