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Deskpro 2021.1.5 Release - Nyhed / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

maj 25 2021

Deskpro 2021.1.5 Release


We are pleased to announce the release of Deskpro version 2021.1.5. This includes a mixture of general improvements and bug fixes. 

General Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • DPLEG-208 - Agent notifications from new reply triggers were not sent if there is no public facing response on a ticket
  • DPLEG-378 - Voice queue settings were unavailable after creating child departments
  • DPHC-356 - Clicking on content links within guide pages leads to a blank page
  • DPHC-411 - Usergroup permissions not applying correctly in multibrand setups
  • DPHC-459 - Users unable to reset their password after previous password attempts failed
  • DPHC-359 - Users were able to engage with Community without sufficient usergroup permissions
  • DPLEG-626 - Agents being added as followers in tickets when CC’d into emails when this is disabled in admin configuration
  • DPLEG-337 - Mixed-Content browser security error causing broken link to knowledgebase in Admin Dashboard
  • DPLEG-628 - User was able to cancel the approval on Ticket with "Can cancel approval" permission disabled
  • DPLEG-390 - Deskpro URL appears as "localhost" when ticket submitted with CRM email validation enabled
  • DPLEG-603 - User does not receive a notification that they've been marked as an auto-responder
  • DPLEG-582 - "Date" popup is not getting removed when user closes the "New filter" popup
  • DPLEG-393 - Issues with multibrand URL’s when automatic SSO was enabled
  • DPLEG-110 - SLA Counter is wrong when multiple SLAs are set up
  • DPLEG-244 - Ticket reference numbers is prefixed by 'ID' not 'REF'
  • DPLEG-355 - Issues in JIRA not being linked correctly to ticket when created via JIRA V2 app
  • DPLEG-607 - The 'Ordered by' option for the tickets list displays the result in an incorrect order
  • DPLEG-334 - When creating a ticket via 'forward as new linked ticket' it will not assign an agent
  • DPLEG-528 - GUI: Width of merge ticket window breaks when there is a long DISPLAY ticket field
  • DPLEG-413 - Disabled agents were still get email notifications for internal IMs
  • DPLEG-44 - Deskpro will always default to primary email address when there are multiple associated with a profile
  • DPLEG-604 - Typo correction: "Musth" is displaying on validation message under Follow ups tab on Ticket
  • DPLEG-408 - Agents able to log in via portal and using Deskpro credentials even when Okta has  been enabled for agents, and Deskpro authentication disabled
  • DPLEG-890 - Multibrand is not sending email with the correct Helpdesk name
  • DPLEG-769 - Agent cannot add themselves to a ticket created from their own email address via a trigger
  • DPMSGR-77 - When 'Everyone' usergroup is disabled then you cannot select/change which usergroups can use chat in the 'Chat settings'.
  • DPMSGR-115 - Chat Widget freezing if emails did not satisfy email validation
  • DPMSGR-112 - Hidden fields show up in the ticket form on the messenger widget

Localization and Language Fixes and Improvements:

  • DPHC-339 - Adding a translation for a phrase in one language can change it in another language
  • DPHC-398 - Issue with Cyrillic characters in attachment file names
  • DPHC-354 - “Start Reading” button in Guide content was not displaying the correct phrase
  • DPHC-353 - Article titles being returned in default language, instead of localized language during content searches
  • DPLEG-634 - Corrections made to the hierarchy of languages in ticket emails
  • DPLEG-602 - Date/Time field changes date if the agent’s local timezone is not UTC
  • DPLEG-107 - Time in outgoing emails was not showing in the correct timezone

Reporting Fixes and Improvements:

  • DPLEG-757 - Rounding of percentages in pie charts can make them unequal to 100%
  • DPLEG-357 - Reports don't return results when using an organization custom field in SELECT and and org ID in the WHERE clause if org is a child org
  • DPLEG-428 - Negative feedback is displaying under Positive feedback on Report stat page
  • DPLEG-566 - “Time till first response” value was incorrect when reporting on working hours only
  • DPLEG-25 - Duplicate results can display in a table which uses the DPQL Hierarchy function

API Fixes and Improvements:

  • DPLEG-532 - API: Message is still added to ticket when posting duplicate to api/v2/tickets/{ticket_id}/messages
  • DPLEG-497 - API: Splash image doesn't appear in News API GET request
  • DPLEG-613 - API: Cannot return article labels or custom fields through API V2
  • DPLEG-198 - API: /api/v2/tasks was not returning ticket ID’s
  • DPLEG-335 - API: Can't filter on ticket categories in API
  • DPLEG-651 - API: Make working hours fields accessible through the API
  • DPLEG-837 - API: GET /ticket_statuses does not return all statuses
  • DPLEG-966 - API: Add /ticket_statuses/deleted/purge and /ticket_statuses/spam/purge to APIv2
  • DPLEG-486 - API: Enable POST requests for ticket & user custom fields
  • DPLEG-345 - API: API sandbox for POST to /api/v2/articles is blank
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