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Mai 15 2019

Office365 simple email adaptor over EWS

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We are seeing many organisations moving onto the Office365 platform to take advantage of the additional flexibility and reliability the cloud has to offer. In response to this shift, we have expanded our software to make it easier to connect into a an Office365 email account to use as a ticket relay.

It is not uncommon now for administrators to lock down access to the network, especially if a particular technology has become redundant. We see many networks now have POP3 (an inbound mail reading protocol) disabled for security reasons. Our previous Office365 connector would use this protocol as standard.

We now offer two Office365 connectors. One which uses the previous POP/SMTP standard, and a new function which connects using the Exchange Web Services Protocol.

The default exchange server address is:

In nearly all circumstances it will remain the same, you will not have to change it.

The username and password will simply be your standard Office365 email address and password you would use to log into Outlook (OWA) previously. You will not have to configure anything further, the network ports and other settings have been preset for your convenience. Email will be read from the main inbox folder, and will be marked as unread by Deskpro after being processed.

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