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Email accounts

Configuring On-Premise

Under Admin > Emails > Email Accounts, you can configure the email accounts that will be used to accept tickets and send out email notifications.

These will usually be your existing support addresses e.g.


Any new message to one of these accounts is automatically converted to a ticket within your helpdesk. If the message is part of an ongoing conversation (i.e. it is in response to a message about an existing ticket), it will be added to the ticket as a message.

A ticket email account can’t also be used for a Deskpro user or agent account. This is necessary to prevent email loops, where Deskpro could end up replying to its own emails endlessly. It’s best to add agents using individual email accounts (e.g., rather than with user-facing addresses like support@.

Note that email account configuration differs between the Cloud and On-Premise versions of Deskpro.

On-Premise email configuration

Here’s how to add a ticket email account in Deskpro On-Premise:

  1. Go to Admin > Emails > Email Accounts and click New Email Account.


  2. Email Address is simply the user-facing email address you want to use for support e.g.

  3. Leave Type as Ticket Email Account.

  4. Select the type of email account you are using (IMAP, POP3, Gmail/Google Apps, or MS Exchange), and enter the server details requested.

    If there are details you don’t know, check the settings/documentation of your email program or mail provider. Note that Host means the address of the IMAP or POP3 (incoming mail) server.


Gmail/Google Apps users: if you are using 2-Step Verification, you will need need to create an App Password and enter that into Deskpro instead of your usual password.

Otherwise, you may need to log in to the Google Account and enable the “Less Secure Apps” option at See this article for more details.

  1. Specify how Deskpro sends outgoing email.

    • The default Send mail using PHP mail() option sends emails directly from your Deskpro installation with a PHP function - this will usually work without extra configuration, but you may need to configure PHP further.
    • For more reliability, we recommend sending email via your server or email service provider. You must ensure that your server/service is configured to relay mail from your Deskpro installation: consult its documentation for how to do this.
  2. Click Test Account Settings to try sending an email to yourself and confirm that Deskpro can send email. If you get a connection error, check the details you entered. You may also need to change your network configuration to open up the port mentioned in the error.

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First published: 20/03/2017

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