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Mai 15 2019

Deskpro 2019.5 Release

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We are pleased to announce the release of Deskpro version 2019.5. This includes new feature additions, as well as performance improvements to your helpdesk.



  • DP-3373    Improve performance and appearance of Ticket Billing/Time Log section of the agent interface, when there are many entries here.
  • DP-3253    Correct  and improve the appearance of generic icons  (Font Awesome) around the helpdesk portal.

Bug Fixes:

  • DP-3392    Chat | Unable to unblock the a banned chat user.
  • DP-3198    Reporting | Updating a dropdown variable when manipulating stats in the left column causes a page glitch.
  • DP-3292    New ticket page errors out when a required custom field is incomplete
  • DP-2611    Pasting code text with spacing into a codeblock in a ticket corrupts the spaces
  • DP-3329    Email addresses saved in a user's profile which are not the primary email address causes an error when used to submit a ticket via the contact form.
  • DP-3291    Unpublished guides and hidden topics or cause unexpected behaviour


  • DP-3305    API V2: Add a 'brand' filter to /tickets and /user_chats
  • DP-3363    API V2: Add multiple endpoints for person usersource associations, expand ability to disassociate a usersource. New endpoints:

GET /api/v2/people/{parentId}/usersource_assocs CRUD Get collection of resources
GET /api/v2/people/{parentId}/usersource_assocs/counts CRUD Count list
DELETE /api/v2/people/{parentId}/usersource_assocs/{id} CRUD Delete a resource
GET /api/v2/people/{parentId}/usersource_assocs/{id} Get a resource

2019.5.1 - Includes one minor additional bug fix

  • Resolve an error in the command line if the app/scripts/command directory did not exist before an update.

2019.5.2 - Includes one minor software revision

  • Revert MPDF (PDF generation library) to a slightly previous version to ensure better backwards compatibility with older PHP versions (PHP5.5)

2019.5.3 - Includes one minor additional bug fix

  • DP-3436  Improves overall performance of the live chat widget in the portal
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