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lis 4 2014

DeskPRO Build #378 Released

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We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #378.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • NEW Added filter input to IM.
  • NEW 'All Agents' option for SendAgentEmail trigger action.
  • NEW Ticket list quick actions.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added "replay" button for Api Key log entry.
  • IMPROVEMENT Templating vars in 'Call Web Hook' trigger.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added 'No validation' option to IMAP accounts
  • IMPROVEMENT Admin: Add link to edit email templates from triggers
  • IMPROVEMENT API: New tikcet API has new overwrite_person_name param which will allow you to set person_name even if the person already exists.
  • FIX Agent: In mass actions window, "Product" was called "Category"
  • FIX Tickets which set a specific langauge (e.g., a trigger to override a users language choice) would not send replies to users in that language
  • FIX Agent: Editing time log entries
  • FIX Admin: Language for "Ticket Departments" did not show user titles, making it impossible to translate titles that users would see
  • FIX Setting labels might fail in some cases
  • FIX Admin: CSV user importer did not work
  • FIX API: Trying to add user to a new org failed
  • FIX fix the container:debug command
  • FIX Admin Interface: Agent online status.
  • FIX Reports Interface: "Save & Run" now works properly.
  • FIX Auto publis/unpublish dates for KB Article and News Post.
  • FIX Avatars for Agent Teams.
  • FIX Popover will not close after clicking links on it.
  • FIX Tasks issues
  • FIX PHP warnings when using PHP <5.4 and password policy features are enabled
  • FIX Portal: Improve double-submit detection that was causing error screen in some cases
  • FIX Ticket messages with upper-plane UTF8 chars would cause the message to be 'cut off'
  • FIX fix composer.json file - missing comma
  • FIX was a call to non-existant method in AdminBundle -> AbstractController
  • FIX bug that caused JS exceptions over API if a user didn't have a primary email set
  • FIX event log wasn't working for NEW users (registration/usersource-login) without a person context
  • FIX Admin logs dates in local timezone
  • FIX Admin Interface form validations.
  • FIX facebook app now works
  • FIX Sort IM agents in alphabetical order.
  • FIX User search builder.
  • FIX Downloads permission for user search.
  • FIX Agent: Some alerts would re-appear after reloading the interface
  • FIX Fix bad download URL
  • FIX Agent: Set min-width of tab history and notification menus to prevent wrapping
  • FIX Possible query errors when filters are defined with criteria that define no choices
  • FIX Admin: 'Can unresolve' permission was not on agent groups
  • FIX Agent: Set min-width of tab history and notification menus to prevent wrapping
  • FIX Possible query errors when filters are defined with criteria that define no choices
  • FIX Admin: 'Can unresolve' permission was not on agent groups
  • FIX Agent: Delete attachments window was malformed
  • FIX Agent: Error while trying to remove custom field value on a chat
  • FIX Agent: Unexpected behaviour when changing snippet category permissions
  • FIX Agent: You could not delete a snippet category you just created (must refresh first)
  • FIX Agent: @mention did not send agent an email even if the agent had the 'email' preference enabled
  • FIX Some filters could fail with 'Unknown column tickets.hidden_status' if a filter was running against active table but had criteria checking for hidden tickets
  • FIX Agent: HTML entities might show in some select2 boxes
  • FIX Admin: Setting primary email on agent account
  • FIX Agent: Searching in a select2 box will now search on optgroup's as well
  • FIX Agent: Improve select2 filtering on options with diacritics
  • FIX Agent: Label field in search forms for people and orgs would show labels from tickets
  • FIX Agent: Files added to organisations would not appear when you returned to the organisation
  • FIX Agent: Very long links in profile 'contact info' fields would cause column to expand
  • FIX Email codes stripper in incoming email not running on plaintext messages
  • FIX Admin: Expose setting which controls max attachment size on outgoing emails
  • FIX Don't re-send attachments back to users in auto-replies
  • FIX Agent: Macro selected from 'reply' section in reply box would still apply if you switched to 'note'
  • FIX Agent: Creating tasks with no due time would create it with a due time set to '00:00'
  • FIX Admin: Fixes around changing label cases
  • FIX Admin: Setting translated titles on products, workflows, priorities and categories
  • FIX Agent: Snippet variables did not insert translated title for products, workflows, priorities and categories
  • FIX Prevent huge search queries from running (which could potentially be rejected due to length)

This update has now been rolled out to all Cloud customers.

If you are using DeskPRO Download, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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