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srp 28 2014

DeskPRO Build #361 Released

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We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #360.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • NEW Redesigned agent interface: 1-column view, collapsible filter pane, better table view
  • NEW Search improvements (Elasticsearch support)
  • NEW Import CSV error log.
  • NEW Added support of Demographics Reports and Enhanced link attribution in Google Analytics plugin.
  • NEW Added quick 'unassign' link to agent interface
  • IMPROVEMENT Agent app proxy script allows passing of custom headers
  • IMPROVEMENT Escalations have 'and any' criteria section
  • IMPROVEMENT Added setting to disallow agents to change their notification settings.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added 'Disable Notifications' option in Agent Settings of Admin Interface.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added setting to turn helpdesk off.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added WYSIWYG editor to Add Agent Reply trigger action.
  • IMPROVEMENT Store last url hash of Agent Interface in cookies.
  • IMPROVEMENT Better agent list tracking in Admin Interface
  • IMPROVEMENT Html is now available in manifest.json descriptions.
  • IMPROVEMENT Refresh agent list on Admin Home page every minute.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added 'Toggle all' for Permissions & Departments.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added clone permissions from another permission group.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added OPcache statistic page to PHP Info.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added OPcache statistic page to PHP Info.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added LDAP, cURL, OPcache checks.
  • IMPROVEMENT LDAP support checking for LDAP Authentication and Active Directory apps
  • IMPROVEMENT cURL module checking for JIRA app
  • FIX Fix delete cascade to usergroups on feedback types
  • FIX Show a '...' icon when admin window too small to show interface switcher icons
  • FIX Fix mass-actions selection in single-column mode
  • FIX Disabled chat fields would still show
  • FIX Organization members count would be inconsistent
  • FIX Set MySQL wait_timeout during upgrade scripts to prevent timeouts between steps
  • FIX Deleting a KB category that was empty except for drafts would fail
  • FIX Rendering user profiles would be blank due to invalid activity log entries
  • FIX Searching on custom ticket and person text fields using the 'contains' or 'not' operator
  • FIX Directory links in CRM section
  • FIX Pasting and inserting snippets would sometimes insert newlines when message was posted
  • FIX Editing ticket messages would strip special inline image codes (would break things like image preview function)
  • FIX Ticket log for changed category would say "None to None" instead of real cat names
  • FIX When viewing a ticket with required fields, switching away from the Properties tab would hide the Save button until you reloaded the ticket
  • FIX Updating a ticket subject did not immediately update the tab title in agent interface
  • FIX KB mass-actions box was too small
  • FIX PHP warnings when chat upload failed
  • FIX "None" option showing automatically on radio button fields
  • FIX Correct pre-fill of new ticket form fields.
  • FIX KB labels permission check.
  • FIX Send welcome email to existing agents.
  • FIX Add 'Registered' usergroup id to users API data.
  • FIX Show email log date/time in local timezone.
  • FIX Remove stripping slashes in Magento app setup.
  • FIX Refresh agent list when adding new agent using quick add.
  • FIX show last time Download was updated
  • FIX Links in feedback/comment notifications
  • FIX Merging tickets did not ticket log the 'lost' data
  • FIX Better error handling during passive usersource read attempts
  • FIX Fix possible case where a deleted/disabled agent is set in a trigger email
  • FIX Bad handling of case where email is sent by robot and registration is closed
  • FIX Show error messages on ticket split error
  • FIX Add/edit glossary
  • FIX An incorrect user email address on a ticket could prevent notifications being sent to agents
  • FIX If you had no active session but had enabled "remember me", clicking an admin or agent link would always land you back at the /agent/ instead of the link you wanted to go to
  • FIX Login page would not redirect to specific admin page if you entered a URL to a specific section

We will begin rolling out this update to the cloud soon. This post will be updated once all cloud sites have been updated.

If you are using DeskPRO download, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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