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srp 1 2014

DeskPRO Build #356 Released

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We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #356.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • NEW New trigger to force agents on to the email subscription list. This lets you override agent preferences from the triggers system.
  • NEW "Send Agent Email" has new agent options: Assigned Agent, Agents of Assigned Team, Ticket Followers, Teams of Ticket Followers, Agent Performer, Teams of Agent Performer
  • IMPROVEMENT Trigger criteria for status now lets you select an operator (is, is not, changed, changed to, changed from)
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved ticket email logging
  • IMPROVEMENT Printing reports from the browser works better
  • IMPROVEMENT Email parsing in some text emails when clients send wrong charset
  • IMPROVEMENT Send no-autoreplies headers for error emails sent to agents about invalid forwards
  • CHANGE Change key combo for left/right tab to alt+shift+left/right
  • FIX Opening agent chat window to yourself
  • FIX Extra row under ticket in ticket list when no extra display fields are selected
  • FIX Names in tooltips when editing agent notification prefs from admin
  • FIX Opening a pending article tied to a ticket will close the ticket tab if it is already open
  • FIX "Set Ticket User" trigger action did not work
  • FIX Login with twitter
  • FIX Linked ticket modal window would leave search box element on screen after it closed
  • FIX Linked ticket modal would not refresh the ticket after linking a new ticket
  • FIX Missing button to remove linked tickets once they have been linked
  • FIX Agent-only fields being addable to user fields in department form editor
  • FIX Missing SLA trigger criteria
  • FIX Handling of some 'changed' criteria operators
  • FIX Trigger criteria for 'agent/user has NOT been emailed' would not save the 'not'
  • FIX Product hierarchy did not display when re-loading product editor
  • FIX Option hierarchy in trigger builder was not displayed (e.g., nested departments or categories)
  • FIX Reports overview: Total tickets awaiting agent and grouped awaiting agent tickets could mis-match if you had on-hold tickets
  • FIX PHP error when trying to view storage mechanism status
  • FIX Ticket list on org profiles was in reverse order (awaiting agent should be on top)
  • FIX Wrong variable name for email address in snippet editor
  • FIX Trigger IDs were missing next to department and email account triggers when 'view ids' option was enabled
  • FIX Edit/delete message permission was superseded by delete ticket permission
  • FIX Changing display options in ticket table view list would show endless spinner
  • FIX Quick search box would close if you tried to scroll in IE10
  • FIX Display order of custom filters
  • FIX Mass actions: If you used 'select all' checkbox then unselected a ticket, the preview would still apply to that unselected ticket
  • FIX Moving to S3 file storage would not regenerate CSS so paths would be incorrect
  • FIX Updating CSS templates did not refresh the CSS blob file
  • FIX SetCc action creating profiles with emails with leading/trailing whitespace
  • FIX Handling of product field on user new ticket form
  • FIX Deleting ticket attachments was broken
  • FIX Improve agent reply code parsing on HTML emails
  • FIX Adding new label def did not work
  • FIX ActiveDirectory "test" would return false negative
  • FIX Changing download status/category didn't do anything in agent interface until you refreshed whole page
  • FIX Soft-delete agents who had admin access could cause an error if they tried to reset their password
  • FIX Inline attachments under cut mark would not be visible when clicking '...' button to expand
  • FIX Error handling in invalid forward by attachment

This update has now been rolled out to all Cloud customers.

If you are using DeskPRO Download, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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