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čvn 27 2019

Deskpro 2019.6 Release

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We are pleased to announce the release of Deskpro version 2019.6. This includes new feature additions, as well as performance improvements to your helpdesk.



  • DP-3441    'Current Agent' variables added to snippets text editor
  • DP-3421    Expand search functionality for indexes to include 'article custom fields'
  • DP-3404    (Advanced) Disable old server-side proxy to further modernise security
  • DP-3417    MS Translator App is prepared to work with the new V3 API
  • DP-3427    Added functionality to export an iCal calendar feed of news entries 
  • DP-3475    Add R: prefix to email subject matching to expand localisation

Bug Fixes:

  • DP-3360    Custom fields added in the ticket form appear at wrong positions in agent interface
  • DP-3288    Corrected agent permissions when creating new CRM users
  • DP-3269    Correct the translations of the "Navigate" menu on the mobile view of portal
  • DP-3423    Email addresses saved in a user's profile which are not the primary email address causes an error when used to submit a ticket via the contact form.
  • DP-3381    Ticket sub-status is not correctly displayed on the Linked tickets tab
  • DP-2246    Fixed the 'Upload Vcard' functionality to create any User
  • DP-3385    Allow to link parent Object in Salesforce app
  • DP-3443    Fix error on guides after brand is deleted
  • DP-3368    Allow the slug URL from a delete knowledge base article to be reused
  • DP-3448    Prevent error on guides when trying to create a topic across multi-brands.
  • DP-3466    Feedback Category not translated properly
  • DP-3403    Portal permissions tests to ensure usergroup limitations are correct
  • DP-3469    Fix issue with scheduled reports not being sent
  • DP-3463    Fix Jira V2 App to correct new API endpoints and allow for reliable issue searching
  • DP-3447    Salesforce app mappings are not shared across admins
  • DP-3216    Fixed proper copy and pasting images into guide topics though the text editor
  • DP-3390    Display radio boxes which allow admins to choose what should happen when a user replies to a resolved ticket after the specified time limit
  • DP-3184    Total User Waiting Time parameter on escalation was malfunctioning
  • DP-3279    API V2: POST messages into an archived ticket now working
  • DP-3415    Agents could access the Publish area without full permissions
  • DP-3469    Scheduled reports are not sent properly
  • DP-3472    Support for the DPQL_TOTAL function in Reports v2
  • DP-3477    General fixes to Reopen Time Limit feature
  • DP-3487    Parts of email body (text) was being cut off (ignore invalid 8bit charset)
  • DP-3496    Fixed issue with the 'reload captcha image' function
  • DP-3507    Empty department select box when secondary brand permissions are limited to sub-departments
  • DP-3513    Language sync fix for translations with counts
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