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Improve the Messenger API - Připomínka / Suggestion - Deskpro Support


We would like some improvements to the API to include the new messenger feature.

Some of the endpoints we would like to be available if possible are as follows:

- API-Endpoint: check if the user is authenticated and has an active session
- API-Endpoint: create a new chat and return a reference ID and the id of the deskpro chat department (the user is taken in session by the endpoint)
- API-Endpoint: check the summary of the conversation, which would have different functions, such as:
- Chat status (pending / open / closed)
- Array of messages between user and operator (marked by an increasing numeric ID, in order to graph them correctly)
- Agent data (name)
- Chat info (array with start and end date / time - if any)
- API-Endpoint: close the chat by passing the id of the same


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