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How do I delete all my test tickets?

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While I was trying out Deskpro during my trial, I entered lots of fake test data. Now I want to use Deskpro for real - how can I get rid of the test data?


In the interface, go to Admin > Setup > Reset Helpdesk.

This page enables you to delete various types of data from your helpdesk.


Select the types of data you want to purge, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Reset.

Be careful when you use this function: all data you select will be deleted permanently. There is no way to undo, and you will not be able to retrieve deleted tickets from the Recycle Bin.



For security reasons, this function is only available for new helpdesks that are less than 90 days old. This feature is disabled 90 days after your account was created.

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