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Chats linked to existing tickets from Chat Interface - Общност / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Chats linked to existing tickets from Chat Interface Planning

Allow a chat to be linked to an existing ticket. Use case: customer starts a live chat asking another question or asking about a ticket they have submitted. Rather than creating a new ticket from the chat, add the ability to search for and link the current chat to an existing ticket.

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Ruth Cheesley
There is currently a button to create a new ticket from a chat request, but often we receive a chat request from a customer about something which already has a ticket raised.<br />
<br />
It would be handy to be able to assign a chat to a ticket that is already created, both during the chat, and when the chat log is accessed in the back-end.
Dennis Liang
This would be very useful for us as well, right now we have to dig through chats and make manual notes. Shocking this isn't already implemented.

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