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Deskpro Source

Ben Henley

This is the latest version of our self-install product, Deskpro On-Premise. Use this if you want to host your helpdesk on your own server infrastructure. Deskpro On-Premise requires a PHP-compatible webserver and MySQL. It runs on Windows or Linux/Unix based platforms, and performs well on very modest hardware or VM hosting.

You will need basic server administration skills to install and administer Deskpro. Refer to the Sysadmin manual for detailed guidance.

As part of the install process, you will receive a 14-day trial licence. 

Unless you need to self-host, we recommend our software-as-a-service product, Deskpro Cloud. With Cloud, we take care of all the technical details of hosting the software for you: bandwidth, server administration and upgrades.



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