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We've made the helpdesk faster by optimizing loading speeds - Tin tức / Product / Product (Agent) - Deskpro Support

thg 10 25 2022

We've made the helpdesk faster by optimizing loading speeds

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We have made several improvements to the loading speeds of different helpdesk elements to enhance Deskpro’s overall performance and speed!

We optimized the loading speed of the user profile on a ticket, it will now be pre-cached to ensure it loads instantly when you open a ticket.

We’ve also been working to improve the speed of tab closing. Our refinement of ticket tabs will reduce the delay when closing multiple ticket tabs, or ticket tabs with extremely long message threads.

This will make navigating out of tickets by closing the tab feel much more responsive and improve the overall feel of moving around the interface. We have also refined the loading speed of messages in a ticket thread, so you can easily scroll through the thread and messages will be fetched faster.

Another improvement we’ve made is that we have enhanced the speed that ticket action updates display in the UI, now setting Agent, Team, Follower, or Status will update instantly.

We recently added a hover state for tickets from the Global Search and Notifications apps, to give you a quick preview of a message when you’re hovering over it, and we have now made it faster.

All of these changes should help your helpdesk interface feel efficient and easier to navigate, and we are continuing to work on other optimizations to provide an even faster interface.

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