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thg 11 27 2007

DeskPRO v3.1.0 Released

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We are pleased to announce the release of DeskPRO v3.1.0.

DeskPRO v3.1.0 introduces a number of major improvements on v3.0.x as well as a range of more subtle improvements. Major features include:

* Sub categories for categories and custom select fields
* Automatic searching of the knowledgebase upon ticket submission
* Custom fields dependent upon the category, for example have custom fields that only apply to a particular support category or sales enquiry
* Authentication from multiple external databases including LDAP, vBulletin, etc
* An improved look and feel for the tech and admin interface
* A completely new reporting system with thousands of pre-configured statistics as well as the ability to create your own custom ones
* A new knowledgebase management system to make it easy to organise and manage knowledgebases of all sizes
* Introduction of companies and user groups to aid in user management

We have created a PDF brochure that explain some of the new features in DeskPRO v3.1.0. You can view this here:

You can view a more detailed changelog here:

You can download / view demos of DeskPRO v3.1 here:

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